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Unicorn table - J-pop

Roxie Faye

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[color=#9933ff]I just wanted to put this band (duo?) out there as a recommend, and to see who else knew of them. I went to NYAF this weekend, and they had a concert on Saturday night. It was really cool, and a lot of fun. I got up and danced around. ^_^

I have to say their work is [i]very much[/i] of the "bubbly-pop" variety. But with that said, they're pretty cool otherwise. They have this very "clean fun" "feel good" quality of sound to them that's great to bob your head to, or sing along. (We did sing along during one of the songs - the singer, Salia, held the mike out to us so we could do "nanananas")

If you've ever seen the anime Jinki Extend or Super Sentai Gaoranger, you may be familiar with their songs.

I'm mad at myself now because I didn't buy their album when I had the chance. I can still order it directly from their website online, though, so I guess I'll do that sometime. *shrugs*

I really like the singer, too. She dressed in all lolita clothes, which was really, really cool! I liked it a lot. ^_^

If you have the time, check them out: unicorntable.com, myspace.com/unicorntable, or search them out on youtube. They're totally fun.[/color]
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