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RPG tekken:mishima death island(play)

Guest QuickSilver

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Guest QuickSilver
you have a choice you can either bring yourself in by a little story,or be at the harbour ready,or you can be on the island already
akira was meditating in his dojo when one of his tranies comes running up to him.

trainie:master, it is now three o'clock

akira:thanks billy

billy: what is so important about this time

akira: it is time i have to go

billy:are you coming back

akira:i am not sure so i am leaving the dojo under your control until i come back, if i come back.

akira gets up and grabs is backpack and slings it over his shoulders, picks up a golden ticket off the table and places it in his pocket he then heads out of the main door.

billy: goodbye master and promiss you will come back

akira: i will

akira walks down the path to the gate

akira:*says to himself* it is time farther, time i revenge your death.
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As the boat waits patiently at the docks, a figure pops his head out of the water. He throws a pick up, and climbs up on the rope attatched. A guard runs upto him. He punches the guard, sending him flying over the other side of the boat, and onto the harbour.

~Meanwhile, in the hosts chamber~

Guard: Sir, a mysterious fighter is on board.

Lee: Is it Kazuya?

Guard: No....... although the man bears a great resemblance to Kazuya.

Lee: Ah, so Kain decided to show up.

Guard: Shall we dispose of him?

Lee: I seriously doubt that you could......... let him on..... he will make good sport for our..... *grins* tests.

Kain walks to the back of the ship, and sits quietly there. Lee comes out on the balcomy above.

Lee: Nice to see you dear brother.

Kain: I have only one brother, and he certainly isn't you.

Lee: Yes, but it seems that brother didn't have the balls to make it.

Kain: Oh he'll be here, you just wait!
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Guest QuickSilver
akira the town where the ship was. he could see the boat and a few people standing on it. akira then pulls out a pair of bonoculas and looks at the people aboard the ship.

akira: is that kazuya* says to himself* no it cant be , i killed him at the tournament, thats how i won. who ever it is he resembles him.
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As Akira looks on at Kain, Kain turns towards Akira, and looks directly at him.

Akira: He can't possibly see me, I'm too far away...... does he know what I did to Kazuya....... he can't possibly.....

Kain grins at Akira, then looks forward again.

Akira: Freaky.... well, I'd best get on the ship before it sets off
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Guest QuickSilver
akira ran upto to the ship and showed the guards is ticket. who then showed him to his room.a woman could be heard over the microphone.

voice:the ship is now docking, it is going to be about a day until we reach the island so you can travelle about the ship and meet your challengers,the food and drink is free.
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A young boy runs towards the ship very fast and jumps as the ship sets off to sea.


Cloud-Who's that?


Akira is hit when the boy jumps on the boat.



Akira-Don't worry i'm alright.Who are you?

Cloud-Cloud Strife.

Lee-I knew someone was missing.
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Guest QuickSilver
lee:i was expecting you kain

akira:nice to meet you*puts hand out* i am akira

cloud: nice to meet

lee shows kain to his room while akira stays and looks overboard
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Guest QuickSilver
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]What the hell...... I'm Kain, you can't be Kain also...... it'll be far too confusing!!! [/B][/QUOTE]
he is right
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Guest QuickSilver
akira was wonderind around the ship.

akira: hmm, i wonder whats through this door

akira opens the door and looks around.

akira: cool a gym

he looks into the corner of the room where he could see kain punching sh*t into the punching bag

akira: hi kain

kain: oh its you.

akira: whats that surposed to mean

kain: nothing, * coughs killer*

akira: i heard that, it was an accident anyway

akira starts working out by doing some bench presses
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Cloud walks into the gym and finds another punching bag.


Cloud does a few punches and kicks then opens a can o whop a** on the punching bag making it break off the chain and fly into the wall.



Kain-Have we met before?I swear i've seen that punch somewhere before....

Cloud-I don't think so.
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