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Anime Itsudatte My Santa DVD was recalled due to a mis-rating.


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Out of bordom I decited to google random Anime Titles that I have and came across this.

They recalled the dvd because instead of carrying the tv-M rating it was sent out with a tv-PG rating on the box. They will re-release it in 2008 with the proper rating.

1. Did anyone else buy it before the recall?
2. How much ,if any, is the misprint edition worth?
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1. Nope.

2. Probably no more than any other anime DVD. It's not a high-demand title as far as I can tell, and they're re-releasing it this coming Christmas anyway. I'm a bit surprised Funi bothered with the recall in the first place; maybe they were being more careful than usual because of the holiday theme?

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