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Request Otaku Times Art Request


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I'd like to make a request for some thin banners, ones that I intend to use as article headers. To give you and idea, here's an example:


Basically they need to be about 550 x 20/25 and have a section that is plain so I can simply edit it by adding the text for the name of the article. I'd love to have lots of different ones to choose from and I don't plan on sticking to the same one each issue so the more the merrier. Depending on how many we get it's likely that we'll use them by rotating what we have for each issue.

If there are any questions or if you have a slightly different idea those are welcome too. Basically they will be used as actual links that lead to the thread in question that is being reported. Anyway, thanks in advance for the help. :catgirl:
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I'd like the plain section to be about three fourths of the total space. The words on the example are just that an example. I'd like for the finished product to have nothing on it at all since my daughter will be adding the text to match the article the banner will go with. So for this I want no text at all. Also, if it helps this is the main banner for the newspaper:


However, the colors or scheme do not have to match that. Oh and the plain area can have a light texture so long as it wouldn't interfere with text showing up when it's applied later.
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