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Request In desperate need for a new ban-avi set! Skelanimals request


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[FONT="Century Gothic"]If you've read my sig lately then you should know that I'm in desperate need for a new banner and avatar set. I decided to do a skelanimals themed one.

Using the picture given, I would like to see the banner to contain the entire set of animals with the phrase: [COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"Dead Animals Need Love Too" [/B][/COLOR] in any font and color of your chosing

The avatar can contain one of the skelanimals and if you want you can make an avatar for every single one of the animals!

The dimensions need to meet OB requirement. And that's practically it!

Here is the [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/skelanimals_wallpaper1_1024x768.gif"][B][COLOR="darkred"]Picture[/COLOR][/B][/URL]

Thanks in advance whoever decides to take on this job! And you will get your credit where it is due.[/FONT]
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