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Writing Accidents


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[SIZE="1"]For some reason, there were lots of accidents happening on the remote island I was now working at. I had recently been sent by an agency that regulated the transportation system [don?t ask where, hell if I know] to work for this newer place that had been built; at the hand of several very wealthy and influential families who owned the property. Though why they?d want to own a island out in the middle of no where was beyond me. For this particular place wasn?t all that great, there were way too many people making it no different than a true city on the mainland. It was too crowed and hardly much in the way of a retreat.

?[B]What a fucking waste of money.[/B]? I growled at my partner who was handling the car with practiced ease. I had barely met the guy since he had already been assigned to the place a couple of days ago. I on the other hand, was a few days late, I was lucky to even have a job, or so they told me when I showed up. Anyway, my partner was a quiet type, not much to him really.

The real problem was the way people on the island seemed to be behaving. Like complete and utter fools, acting like they owned the road. There were ramming fights in order to shove other cars off of the road. People passing recklessly without regard to the flow of traffic. In no time, I was confused since nothing made sense and my attempts to get my partner to answer my questions as to what was going on were obviously wasted as he kept saying, [I]nothing?s wrong[/I], like a God damn mantra.

?[B]Just pull the damn car over.[/B]? I insisted when we came to a huge wreck involving some buses and cars. My partner did as asked only for one of the other cars to ram the car we were in. ?[B]Shit![/B]? A dizzy moment as the car spun and then we were off on the side of the road and a tanker carrying gasoline tipped over, sliding along the road, the back end barely missing the front of our car. I waited for the screech of metal and the sparks to cause an explosion and then sighed with relief when it came to a halt and nothing of the sort happened.

?[B]Bloody hell! What?s the matter with everyone!?[/B]? I exited the car and looked to my partner who had gotten out of the car to chat with the others, all of them behaving as if nothing had happened. [I]What the? What is wrong with everyone?[/I] I thought as I went from car to car, steering people away from the tanker that was now leaking gas.

But it seemed as if they just couldn?t see what was happening, other than perhaps one small little boy who was staring at everything. He seemed to be in a daze as he looked at the tanker, it was as if he was trying to shake off something in order to grasp what he was actually seeing. I went over and knelt down in front of him, taking his shoulders in my hands as I tried to talk to him. But I got no reply, making me wonder if he was in shock. That is until he finally turned to look at me.

?[B]Did you need any help?[/B]? I asked him.

?[B]I?m not a child![/B]? He responded smartly, his blue eyes staring into mine. I let go.

?[B]Of course not.[/B]? A response that got a tiny little shy smile back in return.

The moment was interrupted as if I could see what was going on behind me, a cigarette butt being casually tossed aside, sailing through the air on a downward arch towards? the pavement glistening in the sun from the spilled gasoline, a realization that other than perhaps the small boy, I could do nothing to get away in time.

I moved forward, grabbing him, pulling him close and then turning so that my back faced the inevitable explosion, shielding him from it even though it seemed impossible. As if in slow motion, everyone was knocked off of their feet as the tanker went up in a ball of flame, flames that had no heat. I somehow managed to land so that boy was unharmed but when I attempted to get back up, I couldn?t get any further than my knees as a sharp pain in my left shoulder stopped me.

Dizzy from whatever was hurting me, I looked down to the sight of blood running down the front of my shirt and reaching over with my right hand to open it showed the end of a Phillips screwdriver sticking out of my shoulder from behind. [I]What the hell?[/I] I felt sick. The blast had happened so fast? I hadn?t even felt or realized that I had been impaled. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Well, this makes for an interesting read. I'm not quite sure where you are going with it but still interesting. It's clear that there's probably more to it, but I found these two aspects kind of fun in an almost dreamlike way:[quote name='indifference;805136][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]The moment was interrupted as if I could see what was going on behind me, a cigarette butt being casually tossed aside, sailing through the air on a downward arch towards? the pavement glistening in the sun from the spilled gasoline, a realization that other than perhaps the small boy, I could do nothing to get away in time.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]That part had a very surreal feel to it, the aspect of somehow seeing behind yourself. Just as this part does, flames with no heat.[quote name='indifference'][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]As if in slow motion, everyone was knocked off of their feet as the tanker went up in a ball of flame, flames that had no heat.[/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]Anyway, I'm curious as to where this is going, if there is more to it that is. Regardless, I enjoyed reading it. Oh and it goes without saying, if there is more... post it. :p
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]Perhaps it was the sight of blood, or the flames that were still reaching for the sky, but the little boy seemed shaken. His eyes growing wide as if seeing for the first time what was truly happening around him. He was watching the driver of the tanker who was walking up behind me as I swayed there on my knees. Only a hint of movement and pressure gave warning to the sudden surge of pain from the screwdriver being yanked out by the driver of the tanker. My vision grayed and for a minute it seemed as if I was going to pass out.

?[B]Hey! What did you do that for![/B]? It was the boy.

?[B]She was done with it.[/B]? The driver said as if it was obvious as to why he had done it. And then as if nothing was wrong, paying no heed to blood on the screwdriver, the driver left.

?[B]What?s going on?[/B]? The little boy asked me as I sat down on my legs and checked my pockets for something to put pressure on the wound with. I finally settled with my right hand as I had nothing and was too dizzy from the pain to move to get something.

?[B]Why is everyone acting so strangely?[/B]?

?[B]I don?t know.[/B]? I answered him weakly. ?[B]I?m trying to figure that out.[/B]? Though how I was going to do that now, I wasn?t sure. No one seemed to notice or even care that I was hurt, other than the kid.

?[B]You need help first![/B]? He exclaimed. ?[B]You?ll bleed to death if you don?t get that taken care of! We?ve got a first aid kit in the car, just a sec.[/B]? He turned and made a dash for the car he had been in, taking a moment to climb in and then run back over with a small case in hand.

?[B]What?s your name?[/B]? He asked as he opened up the case and began to pull out bandages and start working them under my shirt in front and back before finding a way to semi wrap them in place and then make a temporary sling for my arm.

?[B]Crystia. What?s yours?[/B]?

?[B]I?m Jim.[/B]? He said a little shyly as he finished up, closing the medical kit.

?[B]Thank you Jim.[/B]? I gave him a little smile. ?[B]You did a good job with the bandages.[/B]?

He blushed a bit, muttering something about learning how to do so in school and then looked around as if checking to see if anyone else was hurt. When it was clear that no one was and that they were all still behaving as if nothing was wrong, he set the kit down and told me to stay put while he ran over and tried to get someone to help. But they were busy talking on their cell phones, making arrangements for someone to come and get them. Jim's pleas for assistance went unanswered.

I was wondering what would happen next when of all things a helicopter came in to land. It seemed to be there for some actresses who were at the island to do a play for the wealthy families. Though how I knew why they were there, I couldn?t have told you.[I] I just did[/I]. It was clear that Jim was having no luck convincing someone to help out since they were ignoring him altogether. So I struggled to my feet and made my way over to where the helicopter pilot was arguing with Jim.

?[B]I?m telling you...[/B]? He was saying. ?[B]She needs to be flown to the mainland! The hospital won?t open for another week and she needs medical care![/B]?

?[B]What are you talking about? Everything is fine Master?[/B]?

?[B]Everything is not fine.[/B]? I interrupted the pilot, fighting to stay standing and then smiling a tiny bit when Jim moved to support me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he steadied me.

?[B]Does this look fine to you?[/B]? I indicated my blood soaked shirt. But like the rest of the people, even that was not enough to let him see that things were going wrong. [I]What the hell is the matter with these people?[/I] I felt myself starting to sway, even with Jim?s help I was not going to be able to stay standing for long.

?[B]That?s enough arguing![/B]? Jim snapped! ?[B]You?re to take her to the mainland at once![/B]?

To my surprise the pilot nodded at Jim, accepting his order. ?[B]Very well Young Master, but we must stop at your parent?s house to get their permission first.[/B]?

Ten minutes later, we were on our way, the pilot heading for one of the large mansions that were situated on the highest point of the island. The view was beautiful, with the calm summer like air and the surrounding ocean, but I was in no mood to appreciate it.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I?m not sure what to think of this story. It?s got some very odd moments to it, like the imagery of the cigarette sailing through the air, the idea of flames with no heat. Everyone behaving like zombies and not seeing that things are going nuts. Somehow realizing what others are doing without dialogue or other clues? It speaks of a mystery. :p And I?m curious to see more. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]When we got to the house in question and the helicopter came in to land, it was clear that we were expected since it seemed that Jim’s parents were waiting for us. We had no sooner landed and gotten out of the helicopter when they started to discipline Jim, scolding him for interfering with the pilot’s instructions. But once I approached, with the pilot’s help and they saw my bloody clothing, they stopped. Jim’s mother graciously invited me inside, offering to have their personal maid re-bandage my wounds and provide me with clean clothing to wear.

I didn’t like the idea and even Jim seemed reluctant to let me out of his sight, but it was clear that the offer was not negotiable so I simply nodded and let the pilot help me into the house, to a small private room. Once I was sitting on the bed, a maid entered the room, carrying a clean shirt along with what had to be medical supplies. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing as she quickly and carefully helped me remove my shirt and then cleaned me up. Then and after putting something on the wound she re-bandaged it before helping me into the clean shirt.

“[B]There you go miss,[/B]” The maid said as she started to prepare some sort of drink for me. “[B]Now you drink this up, it will help with the pain.[/B]”

“[B]What did you do?[/B]” I didn’t know what was in the stuff she put on the wound, but it was amazing how much better I felt. Enough that I started drinking what seemed to be tea without giving it a second thought.

“[B]Just a little something to stop the bleeding and calm things down miss.[/B]” She gathered my dirty shirt and the supplies and then left as Jim entered the room.

“[B]How do you feel?[/B]” He asked once he sat down on the bed next to me.

“[B]Much better thank you.[/B]” We then launched into a discussion about the odd behavior we had seen while I finished up the drink the maid had given me. A moment later and Jim’s parents arrived, only to politely explain that the pilot had to rest ten hours per flight regulations before he could take me anywhere.

I felt a thrill of alarm run through me as the feeling that whatever was causing the problems at the island didn’t want me to leave. I knew I needed to, but Jim’s parents just kept droning on about how I could stay in that guest room and that they would see to me being taken to the mainland first thing in the morning.[I] I need to leave, I can’t stay![/I] But even as I thought that, I knew I could do nothing. I couldn’t get anywhere with my injury.

“[B]Can I go with her?[/B]” Jim asked his parents in a pleading voice.

“[B]Of course dear,[/B]” his mother assured him. “[B]Now run along, she needs to rest.[/B]”

Jim turned and carefully hugged me. “[B]You’ll be okay, the stuff the maid uses works great. So get some rest and I’ll see you tomorrow.[/B]” He let go and got up and then left the room, but for some reason his parents stayed. And when the door closed behind Jim a chill ran through my body as both of his parents dropped the fake smiles that they had been presenting.

“[B]I don’t know why you were unaffected,[/B]” Jim’s father said coldly. “[B]Or how you freed Jim from the influence, but we‘ll find out.[/B]”

His words only confirmed my earlier feeling that whatever was behind the strange behavior didn’t want me to leave. It was in it’s own way a bit shocking and surreal to hear him admitting to it. But even that couldn’t seem to truly shake the feeling of detachment and fear that was settling in and I found myself feeling tired in spite of what was going on.

It seemed as if Jim’s father could see the fear in my eyes and he smiled cruelly, “[B]Don’t worry, for tonight at least, you are safe.[/B]” He smiled again. “[B]Once the medicine has restored you enough for questioning, we will find out just how much you really know. By now you must be feeling very sleepy.[/B]”

He paused as if waiting for my horrified reaction. In truth, I couldn’t hide it at that point. Fear so horrible that it left a bitter taste in my mouth ran through me. I knew at that moment that there had to have been something in the tea the maid had given me. I couldn’t help myself, I was still holding the glass in my right hand and I looked down at it. There was but a tiny amount left, I had drunk nearly the entire thing. I wanted at that moment to toss it at them, but it slipped from my fingers and fell to the floor with a loud clatter.

Jim’s father just laughed at me and then Jim’s mother spoke. “[B]If you know what’s best for Jim, you will cooperate and not do anything foolish. And don’t think you can escape either. There will be armed guards keeping watch all night. If you should manage to shake off the drug…[/B]” She paused, her expression turning cold. “[B]Any attempts to escape will result in not only you being punished but Jim as well.[/B]”

I tried to fight whatever had been in the tea, but the room began to spin and moments later, I fell into darkness. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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This just gets weirder by the minute. Taking her inside instead of to the mainland, some medicine that makes her wound feel better so quickly. And that tea? >_> That had me going.. what are you doing? [I]Don't drink it fool! [/I]

I find it interesting how the main character is picking up on things that they couldn't really know. Like the bit about knowing that whatever was causing the mess didn't want them to leave.

Plus Jim's parent's are losers. :p Mean ones at that. Crystia... you have the weirdest dreams. [I]Seriously.[/I] Unless this takes an odd slant, I don't see this getting any better, but rather worse, for the main character that is.
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]I thought I had fallen into darkness and yet I could clearly remember Jim?s parents leaving the room as armed guards arrived to keep watch. A conversation between them that attempts to escape were only to be met with a lesson being taught instead of death. [I]Death? Why are they so eager to kill? What are they hiding? Why are they telling the guards I have valuable information when I do not?[/I] The rest of the conversation was beyond my understanding and a moment later I realized that I must have fallen asleep as I was now lying on my back with the blankets covering me. A quick look at the clock on the wall showed that I had been asleep for six hours.

A lingering haze which I could only assume was caused by whatever had been in the tea, still had me in it?s grasp as I fought to shake it off. It took a while but I was finally able to sit up and though I did not recall seeing them the night before, there was a sword and shield hanging on one of the walls. My mind could not seem to penetrate the oddness of this fact and I moved to take them. I could hold the sword just fine, but even though whatever the maid had put on my wound had helped tremendously, I had no strength and could not hold the shield with my left arm. With a shrug I dropped it onto the bed and started looking for another way out.

There was a separate door leading to what had to be the bathroom and the thought occurred to me that I could make use of the window, if there even was one. Since unless something had changed, it was likely that the armed guards were still outside the door and I had no desire to open it to find out. I opened the door only to jump back in surprise when confronted by two skeletal creatures inside! A moment later and I slammed into the wall, pain blossomed from my injured shoulder upon contact and my vision began to gray.

As if deprived of air I was breathing harsh and deep until finally my vision cleared to the two creatures still standing where they were. Confused as to why they did not attack I raised my sword, intending to strike, but my downward slash met with a laugh and then empty air. Movement caused me to turn hastily towards the bed as the creature had simply reappeared in the main room, glaring at me with hateful eyes.

It was a feeling more than anything else, one that I could do nothing against them, and yet at the same time I couldn?t stay near them. It was with a careful watch that I moved along the wall towards the door, halting at the sound of the guards leaving, how I knew that the replacements for the current guard was not there yet I don?t know. I only knew they weren?t there and the moment I was sure it was clear I slipped outside into the hallway, closing the door behind me.

As quickly as possible to avoid being seen I moved to the closest door instead of continuing down the long hallway. The next room was every bit as startling as the creatures as the entire room was made of gold. There was a maid there watching a young girl who was playing with one of the skeletal creatures that was the size of a small doll. It was as if they could not see what was wrong or that it was alive, but it?s hateful gaze in my direction chilled me and I turned to leave at once, intending to head the other way down the hall.

I had no sooner closed the door and taken a few steps in the direction away from the bedroom when several of the creatures came around the corner, heading my way. I turned towards the room I had just been in but the door was now locked. A thread of panic began to form in my mind when movement made me realize that the two of them in the bedroom were coming towards my location.

There was another door, but as I made a short run for it, the creatures moved with surprising speed, blocking my path.[I] Now what?[/I] I froze in place, uncertain as to what I should do. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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>_< Why did I have to be right about things getting worse? Because dreams like this usually do get worse? XP Anyway... I think you have a serious problem here. So... when you have the next part ready... be sure to post it. Though I'm sure it won't be pleasant since I can't see it suddenly becoming nice. Well unless you have a shift where you suddenly begin dreaming about something else. :p
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]The thread of panic that had started was growing into a horrible fear, I had to get out of there, but the question was how? I had originally planned on seeing if I could find Jim but now as the four approached, the raspy sound of bone dragging on the ground making me feel nauseated, all I could think of was getting the hell out of that place. I could only think of one thing and that was to force one of them to move like I had in the bathroom of the bedroom I had been in. It never occurred to me as I raised the sword and moved to strike one down, that it would not dodge this time.

Before I could pull back it reached up and caught the blade halfway into it?s downward arch. I knew I was in trouble but I did not have time to react as the moment it?s hand closed on the blade, a dark purplish lightening coursed from it?s fingers, down the sword and into my body. Pain slammed into me and I felt myself land hard on my knees as cries of agony escaped my lips. I tried to let go of the sword, but it was if my body was not my own to command, my vision was starting to gray when a voice cut through the screams.

?[B]That?s enough.[/B]?

The creature let go, the lightening coming to a halt as the sword finally slipped from my fingers, landing on the floor with a loud clatter. In a daze I looked at the four facing me, wondering who had spoken before I collapsed onto my side, next to the sword, too weak and nauseated to move. At that moment the creatures parted and Jim?s father came forward. He shook his head upon seeing me and sighed.

?[B]We warned you not to do anything foolish. I was right though; you can see them, can?t you?[/B]?

I could do nothing more than stare at him, my mind still trying to understand just what had happened.

?[B]Let me put it to you another way, if you answer, I?ll be lenient and Jim won?t be punished for your foolishness this time. So I?ll say it again, you can see them can?t you?[/B]?

I tried to speak and found my throat was too abused from the screaming so I simply nodded my head to indicate that I could.

?[B]Excellent, now bring her, but be careful, I still need her alive.[/B]?

I could not resist when the creatures moved to pick me up, I could only recoil within my mind at the disgust I felt when they touched me. It was if I weighed nothing as one placed my right arm over it?s shoulders and another my left. To my surprise my shoulder did not start bleeding again, but that thought was lost as I tried to pay attention to where they were taking me.

They followed Jim?s father as he took me down several flights of stairs, my feet dragging on the floor as I couldn?t seem to get my body to cooperate and move. Before long they finally came to a room with a table in the center that uncomfortably reminded me of a medieval ritual chamber, a thought that was further reinforced by the creatures placing me on the table on my back.

The feeling of fear I had been feeling became even more profound as they forced my arms above my head and fastened them down, moving to do the same to my feet as well. [I]This has got to be some sort of sick nightmare, [/I]I thought in a panic as the skeletal creatures moved to stand guard by the door leading into the room as Jim?s father came over and stood next to the table I was strapped to. But no matter how hard I tried to shake it? I couldn?t wake up![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='indifference'][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]The feeling of fear I had been feeling became even more profound as they forced my arms above my head and fastened them down, moving to do the same to my feet as well. [I]This has got to be some sort of sick nightmare, [/I]I thought in a panic as the skeletal creatures moved to stand guard by the door leading into the room as Jim?s father came over and stood next to the table I was strapped to. But no matter how hard I tried to shake it? I couldn?t wake up![/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]Interesting, when I reach a point like this in a dream... usually the shock factor causes me to wake up. I can't ever recall having a dream and having thoughts like that in it or attempting to wake myself up in a dream. If I have, I simply don't remember it. Anyway, I get the feeling that this is going to end, like all dreams do, without an answer as to what the hell is going on. XP
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]?[B]I had planned on letting you recover a bit more before questioning you,[/B]? Jim?s father said with false concern, ?[B]but it seems you are too impatient to wait.[/B]? He reached over and placed his hand on my forehead, closing his eyes for a minute before he let go.

?[B]It appears you are nearly recovered, but not completely - so I think we will take this slowly.[/B]? It took me a moment to realize he was indicating that the creatures should come and stand by the table, there were three of them, though I could have sworn that only a moment ago there was only two, or was it four? It was like my mind was clouded in some way.

?[B]Now,[/B]? Jim?s father said with a cruel smile. ?[B]You already know what awaits you if you fail to answer so lets start from the beginning, how did you escape being under their control?[/B]?

?[B]I don?t know.[/B]?

?[B]You had better not be lying to me, explain.[/B]?

But there wasn?t anything to explain, other than I had arrived late to work that morning and that I was simply driving around with my partner checking into all the bizarre accidents.

?[B]Well,[/B]? Jim?s father said in a speculating tone of voice. ?[B]I suppose you could have been missed since the initial control was set in place before you arrived, but that still doesn?t explain how you are able to see the creatures or how you managed to free Jim from their influence.[/B]?

He gave me an expectant look and since I knew he would harm even his own son I answered. ?[B]I don?t know why or how I managed to free Jim.[/B]?

His flat stare of anger told me that he did not believe me. ?[B]You?re lying. Not only should it be impossible for you to free someone, but you shook off the drugs, you can see the servants,[/B]? he indicated the creatures with a wave of his hand. ?[B]And you freed Jim from their influence. So I?ll say it again? how did you do it?[/B]?

?[B]It?s the truth, I don?t know.[/B]? But his angry look told me he didn?t believe me and seconds later I was once again hit by the dark lightening that had been used on me before. It was every bit as painful as it had been the first time. Several times he asked me the question and each time I was punished since he did not believe me that I was telling the truth.

?[B]Please,[/B]? I finally begged him, my voice harsh and hoarse from the screaming. ?[B]If I posses some power that lets me see them or to free others? then I am unaware of it.[/B]? I cringed, expecting to be punished again, but to my surprise he merely grunted.

?[B]That is possible, I suppose.[/B]? He looked straight into my eyes, ?[B]We?ll find out if you do posses any power[/B].? He smiled cruelly, ?[B]You might even be useful.[/B]? He snapped his fingers and the skeletal creatures turned to face him.

?[B]Place her in a cell and be sure to use the proper restraints.[/B]?

I had no strength to resist once they un-strapped me and started taking me out of the room, pausing when Jim?s father spoke up again. ?[B]Remember, this time, if you do escape - Jim will not be spared the punishment.[/B]? Upon finishing the creatures dragged me out of the room and started down the stairs.

I still didn?t know what was going on, nor did I understand why they were so willing to harm their own son. Just the thought that they might have used that horrible dark lightening on him was enough to make me sick. A short while later and they had me before what had to be a cell door, moving to grab what appeared to be some shackles hanging on the wall.
What the hell? Since when did anyone use restraints like that? [/I]They looked like something out of medieval times! But nothing could have prepared me for what happened when they were put on; a set on my wrists and a set on my ankles. The moment they were done, it was as if something in them was stealing my strength and I felt dizzy from the effect.

Then the door was opened and I was rudely shoved inside, stumbling and falling to the floor. I knew, that so long as the chains were on, stealing my strength, I would be stuck in this horrible place. I managed to turn over and look back at the door, just in time to see it slam shut with a boom that seemed to send me spiraling into darkness?

And then? I was lying on my own bed, staring at the ceiling for a long moment before I turned my head to look at the alarm clock to see that it was almost time to get ready for school. There were no restraints on my wrists and ankles, and the room was none other than the one in the apartment where I currently live. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='indifference'][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"]And then? I was lying on my own bed, staring at the ceiling for a long moment before I turned my head to look at the alarm clock to see that it was almost time to get ready for school. There were no restraints on my wrists and ankles, and the room was none other than the one in the apartment where I currently live. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]Well at least you woke up! Even if we will never know what happened beyond that. XP Anyway, that was an interesting read. :) Though I'm sure it wasn't fun to experience as a dream. XP
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