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The Wire aka the best show on TV

Joe Strummer

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The Wire is a crime drama which follows the story of a single police unit working in Baltimore, Maryland. The show also follows the stories of the criminals, citizens, and politicians from the city. Beyond this, The Wire tells a compelling and complex story about interlocking relationships and institutions of urban America.

Creator David Simon has often described the series as a television novel. Each season can be thought of as a single book, with each episode analogous to individual chapters in that book. New viewers often find the series difficult at first because of the complex story lines which continuously build on events from previous episodes and seasons. However, such a format is perhaps the most rewarding, as the final episodes of a season are quite amazing in their ability to bring a story line to a dramatic and memorable conclusion.

I have only seen the first 2 seasons so far (common Netflix send me more) but after talking to people who have seen all the seasons, it only gets better. The characters in this show feel more "real" than any other show I have watched.

I've found after a few episodes you start to feel emotionally attached to characters. No other show has done this for me. Sure I've been mad when tv shows have killed off characters (24 [spoiler]Edger was awesome :mad:[/spoiler]), but nothing like I've felt for characters in this show. They are so real that you think they could be people you know, and once a show has that, they got you. One of the hardest deaths for me was at the end of season 2 when [spoiler]The Greek killed Frank Sobotka. Sure Sobotka was a dirty dock worker, stealing crates and selling them to The Greek, but he wasn't in it for personal gain. He used the money he got from the sales to help his union get the political support it needed to dredge a canal. Doing this would mean more ships would come through, and that means for shifts for his men. People were getting 1-2 shifts a week if that as it was, and that is not enough to support a family on. Even though he was one of the "bad guys" in the show, I really felt for him and it really hit me when they pulled his body out of the water with his throat cut.[/spoiler]

If you haven't watched this show, do it. Don't stop after one or two episodes though. Watch the entire season 1 (only 13 episodes). I started off only watching the first two, and wasn't too impressed. But I went back after what people said about it, and now this is my favorite show on tv.
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