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Request Sixx AM avatar and banner request


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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Hey there...it's time for a change in pace for me...I'd like a new set from one of you ever so talented artists out there...here' my concept...

I'd like this pic.....
[IMG]http://bestallmusic.com/img/492f333137586c65476768594c.jpg[/IMG] as one of the center images of the avatar and the banner...I'd like the people to stay in the photo...but crop whatever you need out.

The AVI- just the band members...as most as you can get in there.

Banner: about the same but add in the words "it took a funeral to make me feel alive" in a spooky, creepy sort of font.

Thank you in advance :D[/FONT]
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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]:animesmil I decided to through this together quickly for you. The font isn't really "creepy", with the exception of the word "alive" in the foreground and background. I can change anything if you'd like.

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