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For a long time in Japan, Tokusatsu shows have been a great form of entertainment. For those who don't know, Widipedia defines this genra as [I]"Tokusatsu is a Japanese word that literally means "special effects." It is primarily used to refer to live-action Japanese film and television dramas that make use of special effects."[/I]. Most Americans can relate to shows such as Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetle Borgs, and VR Troopers. These shows are actually heavily edited Japanese Tokuatsu shows. In recent years, Japanese culture have gained a following in the United States, and many Otaku's have gained interest in Tokusatsu programs. I am one of these, my favorite being [I]Masked Rider (Kamen Rider)[/I]. While there are many different Masked Rider stories, they usually center around a masked superhero who rides a motorcycle and fights against evil organizations. The original aired in Japan in 1971, and has spawned several series, comics, movies, and even a horrible American adaptation. So does anyone else watch Masked Rider, or any other Tokusatsu shows? If anyone is interested in learning more check out Japan Hero's website, and if you're interested in watching some, go to Veoh.
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