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Anime Blue Gender Episode 26???*possible spoilers*

Guest Kingbudman

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Guest Kingbudman
I know this hasn't been on the air for years but I have recently had a lot of free time so I borrowed my friends collection of Blue Gender.

I just got done with episode 26 and am very confused with everything after Yuji [spoiler]goes into the "Light"

1. Does the Earth make the people of Second Earth go mad and kill themselves?

2. If the Humans are such a "Virus" on the planet why would the Earth just stop killing them all, wouldn't the humans just over-populate the Earth and the whole thing would happen again?

3. Does anyone know what the Earth said at the very end, I listened to it a few times really loud and can't understand it? Are not suppose to understand it? If not has the Directer/Writer ever stated what is said? If not what do you think is said?[/spoiler]

Sorry if these questions have been asked before, I searched and could not find any posts about Blue Gender since 2003 that even came close.

Thanks for any input

[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][INDENT]I added spoiler tags to your post. ^_~ Next time be sure to use them so you don't spoil it for someone who has yet to see the show. ~Aaryanna[/INDENT][/FONT][/COLOR]
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