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Anime Has anyone ever put together an Anime Swap for a convention?


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I am currently working on putting together an Anime/Manga swapmeet for Anime Central 2008 in Chicago, IL. Can anyone could give some tips or hints in doing a Swapmeet.

So far the tentive rules I've come up with and posted on our forums have been.

1. Anything anime-related ( DVDs, VHS?, Manga. Books, Magazines, Toys, Posters/Wall Scrolls, electronics) can be traded as long as it?s not Bootlegs, weapons, Food, and/or
2. Any adult materials must be covered and only shown to people that can legally view them.
3. You are responsible for your own stuff , so stay with it at all times. In fact, label it and/or keep it in a portable container.
4. All trades are final. To ensure that dvds work properly. Anime can be tested before final trade on a portable dvd player if one has brought one.
5. Trades are worked out between both parties.
6. No cash for items.

The panel room I'm think about getting at the con is a medium size one with con security near the only door in or out. That hopeful will have a few tables.
Plus, since no one really wants to deal with having to sign up with the Illinois Department of Revenue , its been decide that there will be no fee to get in to the swapmeet if it goes through.
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