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Gaming Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 for Wii: BEST GUNDAM GAME EVER!!!


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With Datel releasing the Wii Freeloader allowing Japanese Wii games to be played on a US console, I decided to import Gundam 0079. The game is a ground-based FPS that takes place during the One Year War. The game has several modes, both single and multiplayer. There is the Story mode, where you can take part in a new sidestory, playing as a Federation squad or a Zeon team. Along the way, you will gain access to more mobile suits and weapons, and meet characters from the show. There is also an Ace Pilot mode, where you can play as the different characters from the different shows. There's an extensive Versus mode you can play against the computer, against your friend, or with your friend against the computer. There's a Survival mode where you see how many Mobile suits you can destroy in 3 min (also can played against a friend), and a Co-Op mission mode. There are quite a few mobile suits to unlock too (Kampher <3) and you can not only equip them with various weapons, but customize their color scheme. I'd say this game is worth the money to get if you're a Gundam fan with a Wii.
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