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Request [Bleach] - Sig/Avatar Request


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Hey, first time poster here hoping to get myself an Avatar and Signature.


I'd like very much a Gin Ichimaru Avatar and Signature if its possible. I've provided some pictures to be used but feel free to use a better pic if you have one available.

Feel free to use any color scheme, though my name and the phrase "Shoot to Death" would be great

Thanks in advance

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[quote name='jigglyness']Alrightey, I'm done. :D Hope you like.



Wow! Brilliant thanks alot man.

Only one problem i've just tried to upload the avi onto some of the forums i want to use it on and they have really small restrictions. I should've specified this at the start but is there any chance you could switch it about so it fits:

154 pixels x 154 pixels, and the file size no more than 16 KB

Thanks alot sorry for the inconvience.

Edit: It seems the sig is too large for these forums :o I'm not having the best luck am I.

550 by 120 pixels or 50.0 KB, sig sizes.
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[size=1]I made an avi that is 154 by 154 but it's almost impossible for me to make the file size as small as 16k. The smallest I was able to make it was 45k and it looked like crap. If you still want the 154x154 version, let me know but its going to be at around 64k ish. I might be able to get it at 16k if you want the avi to be 100 by 100 though...

Oh I didn't realize there was a file size limit for the banner =.= so sorry. If you want me to fix the file size, I can do that. :][/size]
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[quote name='jigglyness']Well I fixed it anyways so you can use it. This one should be okay now. :D


Thanks alot its awesome :)
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