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Anime Anyone else going to buy Kujibiki Unbalance just for the Genshiken OVA?


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You have to admit it's a good marketing ploy to release the Genshiken OVA one episode at a time with each Kujibiki Unbalance DVD.
I slightly annoyed since I had planned on not buying any new anime before I go the convention I'm going to in May. But now that I know that this is coming out I guess I'll pick it up since I can find it for around $14- $20.
So who else is think of picking it up?
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[FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Red"]I probably will. I'm actually interested in watching Kujibiki Unbalance anyway to see if it's any good. I know a site where it's only $20. So it's not like even if it's bad it's a HUGE loss of money. And if nothing else, I love Genshiken so....I think it's all worth it. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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