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Way Behind!!!!!!!!

Ice Dragon v2

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I AM WAY BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!!
if that i didnt have to go to that dam camping trip, i could be at 300 by now but noooooooooooo. i HAD to go. i wonder when will adam give the post counts back. i had exaclty 346 before i got closed off. DAMMIT Shinji. i wanna bust your @$$ for cutting us off.
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Guest firemac
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ice Dragon v2 [/i]
[B]thanx [/B][/QUOTE]
fish is obssessed with the fact of being a newbie
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Retro Burn [/i]
[B]I had more posts than all of you put together, mua hahahahha! SPAM MAN, I'M THE SPAM MAN.


do you really want to get banned???
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