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Request Banner/Logo Request: Until Proven Guilty

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Alright, so I started that story I started. I've gotten positive feedback with it, so I figure it merits a logo for itself now. Unfortunately, I have no photoshop and am utterly talentless with paint. What I want is basically a parody of this:



-I want the text to be the same color. I would like the silhouette to be reversed (black on white) instead, however.
-I want the figure to be pointing with 2 fingers, the index and middle finger. I also want him to appear relaxed and almost cocky. If it can't be done, however, it's fine.
-Instead of an open mouth, I want him to be smirking visibly with teeth showing. Like thems anni-may characters.
-I'd also like him to have longish, wavy hair. About shoulder length, though slightly shorter.
-The text should say "Until Proven Guilty". If you want to, you can add the rest of the title (The Court Records of Ace O'Turney, Ace Attorney). Good luck with that, though.

Also, If you can, I'd like an avatar of the silhouette that matches OB's size requirements.

EDIT: Also, it's a banner for the story, not my signature, so size doesn't really matter.
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So I can't figure out what font that is, so I just used some random serif font that looked somewhat similar. The colors also look a bit screwey, but meh. I just realized that I forgot the white stroke around "Until Proven Guilty"



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