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Request "You are already dead" Av/Banner set


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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Hello o wonderous artists of OB. I'd like to get in a an AV, banner set if I could...I've been engrorssed with Souten No Ken or Fist of the Blue Sky and I wanna have a nifty little set...

For the Av, if you could use this picture....
[IMG]http://pred.blog.playersrepublic.fr/images/medium_bscap0011.jpg[/IMG] and do some nifty things with it, but try to keep the moon in it. I leave the choice up to you as to what effects you wanna add.

For the banner, I wanna use this picture

If you could keep Kenshiro and the bad guy in it, and add the phrase "You are already dead" to it and my username, that'd be much appreciated. Feel free to add whatever effects you wish to it...thanks again! :D

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