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Anime The All-Purpose Name Request Thread: Anime and Manga Edition

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hey there, pal! Remember that Anime or Manga you saw a very long time ago that you can hardly remember except for the basic plot and main character's hair color or something like that? Would you like to rediscover that no doubt classic piece of Japanese animation? Well you've come to the right place! Here at the All Purpose Name Request Thread, we strive to not only provide what little info we remember about a show we want to see again, we also try to help others by putting a name to all those details, as well as some additional information and maybe even a (legal) link to the product itself! Don't let those precious details vanish! Act today!

Go hog wild.[/FONT]
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Guest bob89
Hi, my Taiwanese friend was talking about this cartoon she watched when she was a child and we weren't sure it actually existed.

According to her it was about a sister with 2 elder brothers. later on they find out she was adopted and she starts a relationship with the eldest brother, with their first kiss taking place underneath a tree. the other brother sees them and gets jealous. as the series progressed they got older and she had children with one of them. or both.

She believes it was called "Miss Chou Chi" or something like that (definitely incorrect spelling there) but I can't find anything. Thanks.
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