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Anime Cosplay, its a good thing


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Hey everyone, its your smoothest and coolest attorney here ready to talk about cosplay. I just rechieved the first installment of my cosplay costume for Ichigo in bankai form. [IMG]http://www.trueswords.com/images/prod/c/wood_bankai_sm_540.jpg[/IMG]
Eventually i'll get the full costume and go to some sort of anime event wearing it. What I want to know from all of you is your opinion on cosplay. I personally feel that a person should look like the character they are cosplaying otherwise you end up with something like this [IMG]http://jon.aslund.org/blog-content/uppcon_07_cosplay_deathnote_ryuk_misa_apple.jpg[/IMG]

But, there are cosplayers that have great costumes [IMG]http://images.cosplay.com/photos/51/512548.jpg[/IMG]

I wont be embarrased when I cosplay at anime events, thats partly because of the fact that I look enough like Ichigo to be able to cosplay him effectively ( but I will need to get orange hair...).

O yeah, thought I would like to strengthen my argument with this [IMG]http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/6621/1160343895fvt1lm0.jpg[/IMG]

Its not because he's black, its because...well im sure you understand.
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