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Ethics, what is morality?


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Everyone I come to you with a more seriously toned thread. What Im asking you is, what do you think is the right set of morals to have. Do morals Exist, or are they merely just products of a particular culture. Take your stance, I want to know if you are coming from a secular perspective or from a religious one.

Is what we define as morals something that we as humans would have determined if there was no God because sticking to those morals would lead to the best possible outcomes for us as individuals and as a people. Are our views just claims that come from our bias. Or is it that things such as Humans rights transcend bias's. Take this scenario that I borrowed from a book.

In this society, classes base their grades on which students sit closest to the front, the front desks get an A, the middle desks get a B, etc (you understand what im saying here).

Is that right? Im using that example in the case that it comes from a culture. Do you think that its wrong, I mean isnt what your bases for right and wrong just based on what your culture taught you. Or does this issue transcend simple cultural biases.

I want to know your thoughts, keep it civil though. I dont want to see any argumentive fallicies in this thread. If I do ill point them out and explain why they are wrong (everyone else feel free to do the same if you know what im talking about). Lets have a fun philosophical debate.
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[font=Arial]From the [i]drunk[/i] perspective (yes, I am indeed drunk), there is certainly ethics.

I would argue there is no absolute system of morality, for it presupposes universality of that system (and I fundamentally disagree with that). I would say I'm closer to cultural relativism and the moral subjectivity that accompanies said perspective. While it is fallacious and problematic to say "murder is alright because it is in ____ culture," it is equally dubious to assert "this is the only way for ____ to be done, for this way is universally best".

In a phrase: why can't we all just get along?[/font]
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Morals and ethics would not exist in the same way they do now if it were not for religion. Is it not the Christian Bible that dictates most of the 'right and wrong'/'legal and illegal' in this country?

It is the same for Islamic groups etc. What is right or wrong depends wholeheartedly on the religious beliefs of their society.

Edit: Retribution, lolwut?

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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Well there is the obvious slant of having laws that everyone has to obey, but Ethics to me, in a simple manner is treating others how I would prefer to be treated. Basic stuff like not lying, cheating, stealing, etc. I know it's more complicated than that, but that's the core of how I see it. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Morality--that is, individual morality that doesn't affect the lives of those around you--is a personal issue.

I am a Christian, and a damn fundamentalist one at that.

As it pertains to politics, I don't believe in the concept of legislating morality. It binds people to a behavioral pattern that is not their own. As it pertains to faith, it is between you and your god.

As it pertains to me, my moral "code" is not a list of things I believe the Bible teaches or that my preacher told me. It is a group of evolving standards that I think best reflect God in myself. I'll cover some of the more interesting ones:

I believe in basic and equal civil rights for all people. Yes, this means I support even [i]gay[/i] rights.

This is because I believe in the value of all people; even people I don't agree with. Near as I can figure, we're all created in God's likeness; thus we are all equally beautiful in his sight. Also we are all subject to the same sin nature, thus equally fallen from grace. Thus...we are [i]all[/i] equal.

I believe in the value of the poor. They deserve more than our charity. They deserve our attention.

I do not believe Christians--such as I am--have any place in politics or the military.

I believe in tolerating those who don't tolerate you.

I don't believe in being "holier than thou". Nor do I pretend to be.

I believe ignorance is mankind's greatest enemy.

Finally I believe in forgiveness. Even for myself.
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Ah I love these threads! :catgirl:

Ethics is a set of beliefs that is based on your cultural socialization. Socilization meaning what sort of society you were raised around. For example, a suburban Caucasian male is definitely gonna have a different set of ethics than an inner city hispanic male, based upon their socialization. All sorts of factors come into play when you think about ethics and who shapes them. The ultimate decision is up to you as a person what you want to believe, but this can be influences by several factors (family, school, friends,religion, the media)

I would respectfully disagree with the religious aspect of being what dictates laws and such. An example I like to use is the city of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia. Their were law set in place in order to keep the peace around the city and there were no religious beliefs backing them. This was basic human moral code being put into place here. I would also venture to say that most religoius teachings can be based around natural human moral codes that have been developed since the beginning of civilization. As to the validity or not of religious means, I can't really speculate on that. Some things within the Bible or what have you contain some of the most basic laws and ethical practices that people have used for centuries.

[quote name='"Godot"'] In this society, classes base their grades on which students sit closest to the front, the front desks get an A, the middle desks get a B, etc (you understand what im saying here). [/quote]

Actually, I don't see what you mean here. In this society it's [I]generally[/I] the students who apply themselves the most who get the good grades. I was a good student throughout high school and now in college and I sit where I please. I can see how sitting in the back of the class may equate to less attention being paid to the teacher or lack of interest in schooling, but to be perfectly honest with you, the kids who want to learn will learn. No matter where they are located.

Oh and by the way Godot, please don't try to moderate your thread. That's what Rach's here for. He'll keep it civil ;) [/FONT]
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