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Dreamcast Battle Round 1 - Metal Gear Solid


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So, here's the deal. With each thread, we will have a certain theme. Such as, for this one, the best cast for a Metal Gear Solid movie. Each participant must either A) say who should play as each character and why, or B)if you don't know any actor for such a role, what you THINK the perfect actor would look and act like.

A week or so later, submissions will end, and we will have a poll. The winner makes the next thread, and the battle continues!

P.S. - Not every round needs to be based on a licenses property. You could have "Greek Myth Movie" thread, or a "Ultimate Cop" thread, or whatever you want.

Since this is for the adaption of Metal Gear Solid, you MUST cast these characters:

Solid Snake
Naomi Hunter

Meryl Silverbrugh
Cyborg Ninja ([SPOILER]Gray Fox[/SPOILER])

Hal Emmerich (Otacon)

Liquid Snake
Revolver Ocelot
Sniper Wolf
Psycho Mantis
Vulcan Raven
Decoy Octapus ([SPOILER]The guy who impersonated President Baker but was killed by FOXDIE.[/SPOILER])

I'll post mine later, but I will tell you who is my Solid Snake.

Clancy Brown

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