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RPG My rpg final destiny


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Voice this is gonna be fun. a dark doom lunges forward three warriors come to face it . after countless souls have tried. one leader holding the sword excalbier his friends one with a whip and the other with amagical staff. they go to face the doom "i am ------
i have come to put a end to your evil." :flaming:
:demon: (heavy breathig) (sends out a energy wave nocking all three warriors down) :devil: the deamon dashes forward and drives his sycth into tne second warrior with the whip and then the girl with the staf zaps the deamon he falls and appers to be dead he jumps up and strikes the young warroior with the swordhe stops it but the sythe breaks the sword. he swings the sword:mad: and cuts the blade off of the sythe " ha :bellylol: now wfat are you going to do no wepon no victory.the deamon thowrs the stick down and out of his arm comes another sythe.RUNS PAST THE WARRIOR AND STABS THE girl. warrior turns :nervous: deamon turns THROWS HIS SYTHE BREAKING THE SWORD AND killing the warrior.darkness covers.........

we got a package (opeans it) scream its excalber buts its broken :note ha :devil: your brother lost his life for nothing hmp :demon: me in disbelife NOOOOOOOO i'll avenge his death. i leaving i'm taking the excalbier 2 AND AVENGING HIS DEATH.

now his left his village. now you join his quest to save the world and avenges his brothers death

tell me your charters name
your charters wepon
and their specil abilty
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