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Request Multiple Banner Request

Evil Bunnies

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Hello I am looking for several banners to head webpages. What I am looking for is just a visually appealing banner relating to the various series. I would like only the name of the series on its respective banner. The series I would like are:

Elfen Lied
Full Metal Alchemist
Rosario + Vampire
Vampire Knight

Dimensions 900x150

I know it is a tall order but if you could help out with any one of these I would greatly appreciate it. You will be credited on the website for your work.

And feel free to be creative I really have nothing particular in mind for these banners.
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hey if you are still doing any banners for me just a slight change in the width from 900 to 802 not a big difference so editing the ones you made shouldn't be to much of a problem for me to do without messing up your excellent work. I am quite jealous of your arts skills man
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Here's a couple for you, Bunny. Hope you dig em'. If you want another just let me know.


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