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Anime Made in the Years 1967 to 1990


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I am very new to watching most Anime, having had a kind of bad association with it having to do with the new girlfriend of my ex being into it at a time when I once thought all of it was just the kawaii stuff, and I do not 'do cuteness' well...But I've found out that there's a lot more to it of course, and the genres are so unalike each other quite often.

Since I have a very strong liking for all psychedelic things I'm particularly intrigued by anime from before the digital age, from the 1960s, '70s and 80s.

Since I formed a World on the TheOtaku about this subject...I wish to put together a list of these works, so would you offer up your favourite old-school titles and short descriptions?

What I have so far, and I love ALL of these, are:

Fantastic Planet
(movie, Czech)
Allegro Non Troppo
(movie, Italian)
Captain Harlock
(TV, Japanese)
Queen Millennia
(TV, Japanese)
Speed Racer
(TV, Japanese; movie is forgettable)
Kimba the White Lion
(TV, Japanese, shamelessly plundered by the Mouse)
(TV, Japanese, followed by recent reincarnations in 21st century)

I am not including the bulk of American TV cartoons of this period because most of them are so eminently forgettable, and the art just wasn't very good, or even had much effort put into it. There were a couple of exceptions...

Pink Panther
Chuck Jones' 'Jungle Book' TV specials
Others, which I will remember eventually, or you'll remind me of.

"Patalliro", a bizarre piece of daftness which I guess you'd call a mash-up of 'psychedelia, spy-suspense,yaoi and something like a satiric shotacon' is a perfect example of the visual look I am into. That is the strangest anime you'll ever see. And I know there're weird ones out there!

Looking forward to you helping me remember all the ones I am forgetting.

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B]Lupin III (Lupin the Third,)[/B] along with its successors; [B]Shin Lupin III[/B], [B]Lupin III Part 3[/B]:
(TV, Japanese; follows the adventures of Arsène Lupin III, grandson of Maurice Leblanc's Gentleman Thief Arsène Lupin, and his accomplices as they pull various capers and avoid capture by obsessed Interpol agent Inspector Zenigata.)[/FONT]
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