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Request Fiction Bleach Couple artwork requests

Guest Kaimaster

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Guest Kaimaster
A Shinigami with a wolf head handle Zanpakuto. Now His Ban-Kai is called the Nightmare mist. Now Dan Seri's face look like Ashido's face and have Ichigo Kurosaki's hairstyle but brown. He still have some Cheek Whiskers from his days in Naruto World. Only one Cheek Whisker pre-cheek. He's a romantic now. His height is still 5'9". He's the skinnest Shinigami in the Shinigami world. His personality is caring, loving, he likes kid, helpful, but shy around all females. He acts like he been around the block. He likes to dance. He still have lowself stream.

[B][I][U][COLOR="Red"]Requests section:[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]

[I][B][U][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Couple Section:[/COLOR][/U][/B][/I]

1. Dan kissing Arisawa Tatsuki on her lips.

2. Dan kissing Hinamori Momo on her lips.

3. Dan kissing Honshou Chizuru on her lips.

4. Dan kissing Inoue Orihime on her lips.

5. Dan kissing Ise Nanao on her lips.

6. Dan kissing Koutestu Isane on her lips.

7. Dan kissing Kuchiki Hisana on her lips.

8. Dan kissing Kuchiki Rukia on her lips.

9. Dan kissing Kunieda Ryou on her lips.

10. Dan kissing Kurosaki Masaki on her lips.

11. Dan kissing Kurotshuchi Nemu on her lips.

12. Dan kissing Kusajika Yachiru on her lips.

13. Dan kissing Matsumoto Rangiku on her lips.

14. Dan kissing Ochi Misato on her lips.

15. Dan kissing Sarugaki Hiyori on her lips.

16. Dan kissing Shiba Kuukaku on her lips.

17. Dan kissing Shihouin Yoruichi on her lips.

18. Dan kissing Soi Fong on her lips.

19. Dan kissing Unohana Retsu on her lips.

20. Dan kissing Yadoumaru Risa on her lips.

21. Dan kissing Yoshino on her lips.
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