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[COLOR="SlateGray"][SIZE="1"]Okay, so, let's head back to the beginning.

Far Cry was released for the PC in 2004 to critical fan and press success. However, the game lacked certain game play and story elements and so, in 2005/6 Ubisoft gave it a go and remade Far Cry for the original Xbox that corrected some storyline issues and gave you the mutant powers you lacked in the first game.

Since Crytek, obviously, sold the Far Cry license Ubisoft has released the second in the series. Though, it's unlike the first game in story and game play.

In this game you play as one of 8 male mercenaries. (sorry ladies) You're sent into Africa by a third-party group to assassinate a man who has been supplying firearms to groups, factions, armies, and general populous for a very long time. Things go wrong very fast because you contract malaria and are rendered inoperable.

This is where the game starts. Now with no leads or connections you are forced to work for these two warring factions to possibly find some clues on where to find this man; The Jackal.

Game play consist of first person shooting in a free-roam environment not unlike the first Far Cry.

There are tons of missions to take from assassination missions to rescue missions and for the most part there are always multiple ways to complete your objectives.

In a particular mission I had to take a truck out in a convoy, so, I blocked the road off with two jeeps and set an IED in the road. As I watched, perched up on a hill, as the men in the front car got out to move the cars I blew the IED up and the truck along with it. I could have just blasted it with a rocket, or even commandeered the vehicle and put it into a lake but I decided on a despicable method.

The graphics are quite amazing and it's not uncommon to just stop and go; 'Wow.'
I will, however, say that the PS3 version has some terrible screen tearing issues, and I'm not sure about the 360 version.

A few complaints are that it takes a long time to drive from point A to point B and the missions you usually accept are on the opposite side of the map. So, it can become frustrating.

All in all, if you like first person shooters and can trudge through at least the first hour to get to the good stuff then you'll likely enjoy Far Cry 2. I highly recommend it.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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