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Anime 4Kids Entertainmet to release Stranglehold on Fox Network

The Spectacular Professor

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][URL="http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-11-10/4kids-to-terminate-fox-programming-block-in-december"][COLOR="Blue"][U]Article here.[/U][/COLOR][/URL]

Yeah, I've kinda been over the whole 4Kids thing ever since they surrendered One Piece to a decent dubbing company, but it looks like they've decided that competing against themselves wasn't such a hot idea after al, considering the sizable monetary losses involved. Instead, they're gonna focus on CW's lineup and give up on Fox altogether.

Okay, I lied a little. I'm very muchly pleased that 4Kids is losing money. I'm not like those jerks who want Al Kahn to die in a way that makes you think he peed in their mouths, but I'm pretty happy that their lazy, half-baked mockeries of the intelligence are doing poorly.

Anyway, I'm really curious as to what Fox is going to do with that programming block come January. Will they work something out with Disney to get some of their classics back on? Will they start making new shows? Will they find another company? Personally, this is the network I grew up on every Saturday morning. I'm really hoping the block survives.[/FONT]
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I'm kinda glad that Fox and 4Kids are parting ways. I think some of the worst programming came out of the Foxbox. But now with 4Kids parting ways, I'm guessing Fox executives already have an idea or animation programs in the works for a Saturday morning block. It's really doubtful at this point if Fox will even do Saturday morning cartoons anymore, considering most of its properties are now licensed or the rights are owned by Disney. Most likely they'll just do their own block with new animation but who knows. I feel really old, I remember when Fox had cartoons everyday except sundays. I lived in the ages of Fox Kids Countdown and then the "Mighty Morphin Power Ranger" days...ah those were good times!

It's good that 4Kids is leaving Fox, I'm just annoyed that they renegotiated their agreement with "Yugioh" so now they will own the broadcast, licensing, and merchandise rights to Yugioh going well into 2015.... >.> So much for another company picking them up and releasing uncut seasons...
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