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War of Strife

Muuh Puar

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[SIZE="1"][I][U]*This is the beginning of the Human story*[/U][/I]

The council sat at their table. All the heads of the noble families sat at the table, accompanied by their kin and most faithful guards. All eight lords sat at the table looking at one another. Cautiously watching for a hint of betrayal. Then, the lord at the head of the table stood. He was an elderly man. Oldest of all of them. To his right was his captain of the royal guards. He wore heavy, silver armor, even thou he wasn?t in battle, or did he see one anytime soon. The armor had engraved upon it a He had a bow on his back, an iron sword on his left side, and two knives on either hip. Upon the right of the lord, was a young woman, in royal garbs. She was his daughter, and as of late had been a key intellect in the battles against the Lycans and the Vampires. She had long black hair, hazel eyes, and a dark complexion.
The old man spoke. [B]?My fellow lords. We are here today to discuss our plans of actions against our common enemies. We have finally be able to stop their offensive attacks. Now would be the best time to take the battle to them. Our men are of high moral. We have more soldiers than we have had since the beginning of the war. And, we are all seeing high profits in crops, taxes, and all around citizens.?[/B] He paused to look at the other nobles. He looked them all over. One by one. Then he sat back down and stared at the center of the table for a while. He looked up and continued. [B]?But, we are men of reason. I know this. The only disputes we?ve ever had has been on who would be the best king of us all.?[/B]
A young noble stood and spoke. [B]?There is no dispute there, lord Saylin. We all have agreed that you would lead our people and ourselves into prosperity. The only thing we?ve argued about is who would take your place after your death, Gods forbid your son does not come home safely.?[/B] The other lords all voiced their agreement in the matter at once. Lord Saylin rose his hand to calm the nobles.
[B]?I thank you for your kind words, young Bek. You posses much of your father in you. But with that being said, I must return to what I was getting to. We are sensible men. All of us. We can push these creatures back to their city and conquer them. But, I believe we should take an alternate route. I believe we should call for a truce.?[/B]
At that, five lords stood to refute this idea. The other two stood and argued against them. They all were yelling. All, but Saylin. He looked down at his ring. The ring he had for so many years. Since his father before him gave it to him. The ring he was to give his son. His son.
[B]?Where are you, Keralin??[/B] the lord whispered.

[I][U]*This is the beginning of the Vampire and Werewolf story*[/U][/I]

[B]?Damn that Score!?[/B] Queen Lavendrake shouted, as she pounded her small desk. In her rage, she took the poor messenger boy, who had merely delivered the news from Nega?s old clan to her, and she tore him in two. Her eyes were red with rage, thou only one eye was visible behind her short, platinum hair. Her long nails were now covered in crimson red blood and bits of flesh. Her eyes darted towards the large man standing next to the door. [B]?You said she could be trusted! That she would help!?[/B]
[B]?Yes, I did.?[/B] The large man replied. He was bald, had an eye patch over his left eye, and was build like a tank. [B]?I also told you that she hates vampires. And, seeing as you wouldn?t see her yourself, she wasn?t going to listen to you. Honorable, in my opinion.?[/B]
The Queen moved up to him, face to face, in a matter of a second. [B]?I don?t care about that! I couldn?t care less about your Lycan code of honor! I only care about this city and it?s people. We?re dying. Losing this war. And she can?t even see far enough to see that she must help us!? I can?t just leave to fetch some rouge warrior, no matter how much you say she can help.?[/B] She looked into his eye. He could still see her rage flaring in her eye. [B]?I want you to go out and find her yourself. I?ll send you with some of my guards.?[/B] She walked towards her window at the end of the room.
At that, the large man stood in attention and began for the door. [B]?And,?[/B] the Queen continued, [B]?Don?t bother coming back without her.?[/B]
[B]?Understood, your Highness.?[/B] The lycan man made his way out, saw his comrades and let out a growl of orders. They understood and followed. They all rode out of the city. To find a rouge.

[I][U]*This is the beginning of the elf, centaur, elemental, and beast men stories. All will be related to the centaurs and elves, and their actions (sorry for others, but remember, you get to shape what they do and what the other elementals and beast men do, so?)*[/U][/I]

The mighty centaur leader, Osiren, walked forward in the forest of the Centaurs. He was enjoying his daily walk. This walk always calmed him down from the turmoil of the Mother Planet. He could think out what was to be done about his visions he was given. He tread softly, past the Druids of the Forest, to the edge of the forest. He looked out, upon the valley and began to reminisce of old days past. Then, from behind him, he heard fast hoof beats. He calmly turned and looked towards the young buck that was heading for him. The young buck arrived to the centaurian leader. He was out of breath from running from the center of the forest to the outer most rim as fast as he could.
[B]?Great leader? I-?[/B] the buck began, but was interrupted by Osiren. He placed his hand upon the bucks back.
[B]?Calm yourself, seedling. Catch your breath and regain yourself. Then tell me of your troubles.?[/B] The young buck began to relax and breath in deeper. Then he realized something he wasn?t expecting. He had never met the Great Osiren, the legendary warrior that had helped bring down Kel De?Mar over a millennium ago. He had expected a large steed, but not this large. The buck was young in face, but was the size of a regular centaur man. Osiren was almost three times bigger than him. His green skin was flawless, with no scars or bruises. The young man had to take this in too while he was trying to gain his posture and breath. He finally came to his senses.
[B]?Osiren, we?ve heard news of the elementals. They?ve began to attack some beast men. Apparently-?[/B] The young buck could not help but sound afraid. Beast men and elementals had been living together since the creation of the beast men. To see them battle one another would be beyond terrifying.
Osiren cut him off. [B]?Do not fear, young seedling. I?ve also heard of this beast man that travels with the Sylph. The elementals wish to have her back, but this Isha man, he means right by her. Do not fret. The elementals will not go to war for such a small cause. This is no news to me. The Mother Planet has graced me with a good view of them. As of late, there has been nothing to truly be fearful of. Come, let us make our way back. On the way I?ll tell you of the elf that is coming soon. A princess. She comes to inform us of the Necromancer and Undead status.?[/B]
The two made their way back, all the while Osiren spoke of Princess Alexial and her companion, Kirali, the bat woman. They finally made their way back to the dens. From there they parted ways. But Osiren asked the buck his name. He said it was Pomegranate. At that, Osiren asked Pomegranate to come with him to meet the princess, which the buck agreed with great pleasure, galloping off to tell his family the news. Osiren went into his hut. It was small, about the size of a regular druid hut. He sat down in the middle of the hut and began to meditate.
I wonder how my friends Dairine and Barra are fairing, he thought. He was graced of a vision of them.
[B][I]?Barra, come on get up! I need your help!?[/I][/B]
All Osiren could do is laugh. Thou she didn?t know of Barra?s feelings, they still proved to be just as comedic and uplifting as always.

[I]*As for everyone else, you get to start yourself off. We?ll be discussing battle?s later. Take this time to really explore your character, your company, some NPC?s of your choice, and others. This beginning is just to get you warmed up for some action later on. Can?t have an epic(ish) story with out a background, right?*
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Dairine was very quiet. Barra was just teasing her, but even though she knew that, she was still mad. They both walked along quietly, until Barra couldn't stand it anymore.

"Dairine, I'm sorry. I was just joking."

Barra's apology was only met with silence though. He stopped talking, and Dairine could tell she had really hurt his feelings this time. She leaned over and gave him a hug, not knowing how embarrassed it made him feel.

"Look, don't apologize. I know you were just teasing me. I've just had a lot on my mind recently. Anyways, it was you that helped me get back together again. So let's just forget it please."

Barra nodded and then noticed that Dairine was looking around cautiously.Before he could ask what's wrong though, she motioned to put her armor on for her. He did and quickly, but it was too late. An enemy that seemed to appear out of nowhere cut off Dairine's head. She swore, but the enemy didn't seem to notice. Thinking that he had taken care of Dairine, he slowly went after Barra who was starting to back away. Dairine tried to get herself together quickly, to help out Barra. Unlike her, one slice of the mysterious enemy's sword and he was done for...[/FONT]

[B]OOC: Sorry for the short post, just wanted to get things started.[/B]
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