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The Discordia-1 Chronicles

Rexikat XVI

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[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Ever since I was younger, I've always had this love of faeries. I always believed (and still do!) that magyck exists in the world, even if I couldn't explain it. As I grew older, my fantasies turned into stories, and I started writing them down. Within the last three or four years, I started blending my love of science with my love of magyck to create a world where most magyck could be explained by some "scientific discovery." I started writing this world down, creating several characters and scenarios, until I found one I really liked. This is pretty much a prologue of a refined version of my sci-fi magyck adventure world and its characters.[/COLOR]


The mission specs are simple enough: infiltrate the enemy camp and liberate the five hostages. The fighting between rebel factions and the current government in Saudi Arabia has died down in recent years, but lately, little pockets of violence are sprouting up around the cities.

A rebel group has managed to take captive five civilians; it is their job to free them. They, six elite agents of the Federation for Unworldly Reconnaissance, Investigation, and Endangerment Suppression, are the ones people turn to in their direst hour. In light of the recent world events, the agency has been forced to come out of the secrecy they so very much coveted. Though they were first secretly commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the agency has existed since ancient times. In a futuristic society where magyck beings coexist with mortals, they are the necessary link that keeps relative peace.

With the discovery of the existence of faeries, living among humans, no less, and the subsequent uncovering of the rest of the [I]Lain Dunia[/I] (Other Realm) species in the year 2030, the world was thrown into mass chaos. It took several years of reassurance to placate the mortal population and remind them how long these beings had been living among them in peace. By 2043, most of the terrorist groups trying to capture Fae, Vampyr, and Werefolk, as well as other species, for either scientific research or simple elimination had been dismantled.

In 2045, the government began a massive project to combine [I]Lain Dunia[/I] technologies with existing mortal equipment to enhance the country?s various abilities. As well as America, other countries developed highly advanced combinations of the two worlds. The result was a massive technological leap that threw the world into a new age of transportation, environmental conservation, and weaponry, among other things.

Despite the progress, there are still incidents of violence and discrimination against [I]Lain Dunia [/I]beings, even almost eighty years later. In the year 2124, FURIES?s job is to protect and to serve, especially where immortal beings are involved. Made up of various immortals, the agency is extensive in its capabilities, ranging from high security to advanced reconnaissance, biochemical warfare to old-fashioned assassinations. Their agents are trained above and beyond any other protective corporation, beginning during their early teenage years, a regimen lasting nearly ten years. Of these many agents, Team Discordia-1 has been chosen to deal with the recent uprising in Saudi Arabia.

The six of them easily and successfully break past the outer security and incapacitate the immediate guards. Everything falls silent, save the whimpers of the captives and the gunfights outside.

Agent AAC-039?Camrin Cristal?enters the cramped cell first. As the team?s medic, she wants to assess the medical damage as soon as possible. Despite her initial concerns, however, none of the Fae captives are seriously injured.

Another agent enters the cell, Agent AAL-046, Lex Rhodes, and helps her untie the hostages. Two others stay directly outside the cell; the remaining two stand at the end of the hallway keeping watch.

Agent AAK-016, Kimi Jaye, glances into the cell as the first two hostages exit and race down the hallway. Camrin and Lex help the other three escape, nodding in affirmation. Agent AAC-008, Corinth Saunders, helps the three hostages down the hallway to meet up with Agents AAN-013 and AAJ-023?Nathaniel de Lovelle, a Vampyr, and Jonathan Connelly, respectively.

As the agents silently travel down the hallway, the only notice that they were there at all is the trail of death they leave behind?
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