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So the economy's in the crapper...let's discuss something that actually matters


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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Indigo"]With Americans losing jobs by the thousands, it's no secret that our economy is in a bit of a slump, but I think there's another issue at hand here.

The camaraderie of American people.

I noticed this the other day while walking to class. People just seem to have a low tolerance for other people and are extremely clique-ish in most settings. Maybe it's the pursuit of like-minded people that prevails in these sorts of situations, but I find it disenfranchising when I can't even say hi to someone that is passing me by and giving me the staredown like I have lepracy.

I can also see it in the way neighbors talk to each other in our part of town. Most of the time, I don't even see our neighbors unless they are outside picking up the paper or their mail. I remember not too long ago, our best friends were our neighbors. I normally say hello to our neighbors if they pass me by or I them. But for the most part, people are very seclusive and keep their business to themselves.

And stereotyping, geez. Any kid with long hair that covers his face is automatically labeled as an emo skater who is depressed and smokes pot all day while listening to Coheed and Cambria. It's getting to the point now where outward appearances are everything to people and can determine your social circles with little regards to personality types.

Maybe I'm seeing this too narrow mindedly, but I guess I'm in the old guard when it comes to these sorts of things. I hang around all sorts of people. I know people who smoke marijuana, are "emo", are gay, or even of a different ethnicity. I'm very eclectic when it comes to my social circle and I feel like an oddity in today's culture. I'm sure cliques have existed for as long as free choice has reigned, but it just gives off a negative vibe to me when people can judge each other so harshly based upon the way they decide to groom themselves (or not).

This makes me wonder....have American people gotten to the point where they are so culturally exclusive that our nation's collective spirit has broken off into cultural factions that are so different, that they mirror the Sharks and the Jets of yore? Has the meaning of the words United States frizzled out to a sense of localistic pride that results in negative stereotyping of other states (excluding past jokes on the lovely Beehive State)?

I've ranted for long enough, let's hear what the masses have to say.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][font= "franklin gothic medium"] Misleading title is misleading. I hear a lot about the economy and while it's easily the biggest isssue impacting Americans today, I have been noticing the opposite trend you mention. Maybe it's a tomaytoe, tomahtoe issue, but I was just noticing things and being the contemplative guy I am, I had to wonder aboutg that.[/font][/COLOR]
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I've seen both, some people becoming more withdrawn and others becoming more outgoing when it comes to associating with others. I can't say that I see a trend around here of people becoming more cliquish like you mention Korey.

The only real thing I've noticed [SIZE="1"](and yes I know this isn't about the economy but for the next point this is relevant)[/SIZE] is that people are getting out a lot less since things are just too damn expensive. They simply can't afford to get out as much anymore.

Perhaps that gives an air of distancing oneself from the rest of society, when it's simply a matter of not being able to afford doing things like you used to. I know I've had to cut back. If anything, I'd have to wonder if people are merely stressing over things more.

Oh and I think it goes without saying [SIZE="1"](yes I'll say it anyway)[/SIZE] there are always people who are quick to look at appearances and make assumptions. I'd be willing to say that is something that was worse before instead of getting worse now. But it could be different where you're located. I only know that for here, people are getting more accustomed to others looking different so there's less of a fuss than there used to be.
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