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Michelle Ruff internet radio interview

Rick Hunter

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Hello all you anime fans out there. On tonights Super Awesome Special Show (AE Radio) We have on the program a very special guest. Michelle Ruff will be sitting down to talk to us! She was very gracious to set aside some time for us with her busy schedule. Anyway for all those people who may not know who Michelle Ruff is, she's most famous for her role on Bleach as Rukia. She also plays Chi from Chobits, Tsukasa from Lucky Star, and Euphemia/Young Lelouch from Code Geass.

You can check out the interview live tonight at 11pm Eastern Standard Time/8pm Pacific Time at [URL="http://www.blogtalkradio.com/AnimeExplosion"]BTR: AE Radio[/URL]

Also since I'm stopping by Otaku which is rare for me, how about you guys submit some questions to be asked on air. We'll take some of the best ones and try to answer the air tonight for everyone. So don't forget to check out the interview. We're the #1 Anime Radio Show of BTR! So post some questions up before tonight in this thread.
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