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RPG biker wars 3000AD (SIGN UP)

Guest QuickSilver

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Guest QuickSilver
the year is 3000AD and world war 3 ended 100 years ago.After the war every city was left in ruins. in these cities biker gangs rule the streets, every peice of fire arms and nuecler weapons have been destroyed, what is left of the police force have no control over these biker gangs.In New Yorke city two biker gangs stand out as being the most powerful the demodragons and the shadow wolfs, these two gangs want to be in control of the city there for they are both enemies.
in this rpg you can be in any one of these two biker gangs

weapon: no guns, no swords except leaders and co leaders of gangs except knifes
bike description: no super bikes
gang: leader of demodragons
weapons: katana with golden blade and a black dragon ecerated on it (only two ever made), chain, brass knuckles
description: long black hair, blue ripped jeans, knee hight black boots, black tank top, black jacket, fingercut red gloves, dog collar around neck
bike description: same one as the termanator got on t2
bio: the sword was passed on down from grand farther(who made the two) to his farther then to him and his brother. his farther and grand farther have also been leaders of this gang, both died by shadow wolfs
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Name: Craig
Age: 25
Gang: Co-leader of the Demo dragons.
Weapon: Craig has the other dragon katana (gold blade with a black dragon rune engraved on it), also a chain with a small blade on the end, and brass knucks on his right hand.
Description: Hair like Ryu off streetfighter, with the same red bandana. He has blue ripped jeans, a black muscle vest, black trenchcoat, fingerless black gloves, and spike bracelets around his wrists. Also big black boots.

Bike description: Like Blade's off the movie of the same name.

Bio: Brother of Seifer....... and has the only other Dragon Katana. They would defend each other with their own lives, but are extremely good riders, and very good fighters.
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Name: Ash
Age: 20
Gang: Leader of Shadow wolfs.
Weapon: Ash has the Shadow Katana. It's handle is golden and it has a wolf engraved into it. The blade is black and in times of trouble it glows with a black flame.
Description: Short blonde hair with a flicked up Fringe. Wears black jeans, a black vest and a black trenchcoat with a solver wolf on the back as do all members of the shadow wolves have on the back of their tops

Bike Description: Same blades but it's a metallic blue.
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Name: Mia
Age: 19
Gang: Shadow Wolfs
Weapon: A nasty looking long serrated knife and an assortment of small throwing knives.
Description: Long purple hair with black streaks and big blue eyes. She wears a long black leather skirt split high at the sides for riding and fighting, black leather thigh high boots with lots of silver buckles, a black leather corset top with a frayed grey jumper over it and her fathers old biker jacket with a shadow wolf painted on the back.
Bike: An orignal old Harley that belonged to her father who was also a shadow wolf.
Bio: Mia was born into the gang life and has never known anything else, the only things she knows in life are how to survie on the streets and how to fight demodragons.
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name: John
Gang: Shadow Wolfs
Weapon: John's wepon is a daggar with a wolf embriodered in the hilt which had been passed down in his family for ages.
Description: John has his hair back in a pony tail while wearing an assortment of leather jackets with black jeans and a kimono for rembrence
Bike:Harly Davidson with wolves all over it
Bio: John is a japenese terror and an american hero. His father and girlfriend were killed in a demo dragons attack so now he fights for vengence
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Guest QuickSilver
i know a lot of people havent joined but i am bored so i am going to start up any way. anyone feelfree to joinup at any time
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