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MyBrute Flash Game Thread


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So yeah, did a search, didn't see anybody talking about this here, but it's pretty addictive around the office here.

you go to [url]http://www.mybrute.com/[/url] and create a character on the fly. Its all randomly generated, as far as I can tell, on the looks. You can keep clicking random until you find one you like, then click color to change the color.

After that. Your character is created. You can only fight 3 times per day (6 on your first day I believe). Characters have a variety of weapons, skills, and pets that they can have. From what I gather, you get 1 thing per level, and it's random.

The 3 fights per day thing is kind of weak, but you can make multiple characters.

The fights are completely randomized, no interaction, based on character stats, skills, and weapons.

[url]http://gabrielzero.mybrute.com[/url] if you wanna challenge me.

Also, if you sign up through somebody elses page, you become their "pupil" and they become your "master," but Im not really sure how that works. Supposedly you get more XP through eachother or something.

Theres clans, but you have to be at least level 10 to start a clan, so if we get to 10 we can start an Otakuboards one

Anyway, if you come across any interesting skills/weapons, post them here. You can even link to replays of previous matches that might be interesting. So far my guy just got 2 simple things, a staff and a dagger, but one of my other toons got a dog for a pet that seems pretty good.
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