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RPG Memoria: Thanatos VS. Redkin


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[FONT="parchment"][SIZE="10"][CENTER]Thanatos vs. Redkin
[CENTER][I][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]The fighting had gone on for what seemed like an eternity.

Blade had met blade, axe had met lance, whip had met fists, and yet the warriors persisted in striking at one another, until finally, only 8 remained. Eyes bright with bloodlust and clothing stained in blood, they resembled demons in their relentless combat. One more combatant made no difference to them; not one, not two, not a hundred. They would fight and fight until their feet bled and their hands came apart. But that couldn?t be allowed quite yet. Before they could take to eliminating one another, a lone figure mounted the high wall at the far end of the battle arena and bellowed.

[B]?Enough!?[/B] As his voice washed over the arena, time seemed to become suspended. The warriors halted exactly where they were, weapons in mid swing, bodies pivoted for the most powerful attacks. If it wasn?t for the flickering of their eyes over to the new figure, one would have thought them turned to stone. The figure glowed brightly for a moment where he stood, then appeared in front of the fighters. Though it was obvious that this silver haired man had been the one to bring them here, they kept their weapons leveled nonetheless, should it prove to be a trap. The figure remained emotionless as he spoke.

[B]?Congratulations on outlasting your competition. Having bested your first task, and proved your merit, you all ?advance? to the second round. Do not be deceived; though you found Nye any trouble on this barren arena with its week and foolish warriors, you are now faced with dangerous battlefields and warriors whose lust for battle will rival your own. You will not be allowed to rest, to eat, to drink. You must fight and win, as quickly as you can. And should one of you prove capable, you will fight me. If you truly desire your memories back you will not lose.?[/B] The warriors all absorbed his words and nodded their heads in acknowledgment. The Silver haired man smirked and turned around.

[B]?Then go.?[/B] A brilliant light enveloped every competitor, including the silver haired man, and soon, the vast wasteland was devoid of life.[/I]


This city had seen pandemonium; whatever society had ever existed here had long since departed and allowed the city to wither out of existence and memory. The sky was overcast and black, yet the area seemed to glow with a surreal aura. The ground was littered with tattered, rusty beams, shattered glass, and decaying animals. Every building was just one gust away from coming crumbling down to the earth. Around every corner roamed a dangerous beast, one that could only be compared to a wolf, but trumped said creature in size and ferocity twofold. And at the middle of the city, standing as what surely would have been a great and glorious addition to the city?s aesthetics, was a massively unfinished skyscraper.

A light flashed on the two opposite ends of the city, and Thanatos and Redkin appeared, feeling rejuvenated from their previous battles. They surveyed their surroundings quickly and drew their weapons as one final light flashed in the city, at the very top of the skyscraper. The silver figure stepped forward and yelled down into the city.

[B]?Warriors! Your task is at hand. Find the other competitor and defeat him, through whatever means you find suitable. Begin!?[/B][/FONT]


[B]OOC:[/B] Have at it, Afro and Vicky. The city is falling apart, and dangerous beasts await around everyone corner. You have three posts each. May the best competitor win![/SIZE][/CENTER]
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