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Writing Chaos Rising


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[center][FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="7"]Chaos Rising[/SIZE][/FONT]
An [I]Elements[/I] Story by Adas & Lrb[/center]

[INDENT][FONT="Tahoma"][b][u][size=3]Prologue Part 1[/u][/size][/b]
[B]"What race are you going to make? The Black Elves look pretty cool."[/B] Bill asked his friend Nathan. The two teenagers drove down a busy city street one mid summer day. Nathan was a tall, well-built young man with shaggy dirty blonde hair and piercing yellow eyes. His friend Bill was much shorter and paler than Nathan with short jet black hair and hazel eyes.

[B]"Well, if you like the Black Elves then I'll make a character from the same area like the Centaur or Toadlings."[/B] Nathan replied. The car slowed to a stop and they turned right onto a less busy side street.

[B]"It's the tiny white building at the end of this street. I've already pre-ordered both copies for us."[/B] Bill said. They pulled up to the curb in front of the shop. The building didn't hide its old age showing cracks around the corners, chipped paint all over and weeds growing between the nooks of the pathway leading to the door. A worn sign hanging from the overhang read [I]Psychic Games[/I] in faded purple paint. The two boys got out of the car and walked towards the entrance.

[B]"Doesn't this place seem a little sketchy to you?"[/B] Nathan asked, stopping to look at the poor yard work. Bill just kept walking and didn't reply so Nathan shrugged and followed behind. As they entered the store it was clear it had been around for a long time. The only games on display were at least 50 years old and there were no TVs, consoles or posters for games save for the one out front for the new [I]Epic Online[/I]. Nathan leaned over to Bill.

[B]"Maybe we should try another sto-"[/B] he was interrupted by the back door swinging open and the store owner walking in loudly.

[B]"Oh hello Bill and friend!"[/B] the owner was a short old man with tied back gray hair and a sage-like beard. He pulled out two copies of Epic Online from under the counter and placed them on the surface.

[B]"These are what you're looking for, yes?"[/B] he said. Nathan picked up one of the boxes and looked at the pictures on the back.

[B]"It doesn't look as epic as I remember."[/B] he grumbled. Bill sighed but the store owner grinned.

[B]"You know if this game doesn't appease your appetites there is one other in the back... oh what am I saying it's not even out yet!"[/B] the old man nearly croaked as Bill slammed his hands on the counter top.

[B]"Show us!"[/B] he demanded. The man pivoted and quickly dashed into the back room. The two friends exchanged excited looks and waited.

[B]"Are you coming or what?!"[/B] the man yelled from the back. The boys stumbled over each other racing to the back room and the moment they entered the dark supplies room they fell to ground their minds completely shutting down. As soon as this happened an abrupt flash of white light signified the arrival of two very important spirits.

Two humanoid figures appeared before the old man. One seemed to be made of light while the other absorbed all of the darkness in the room making him pitch black. Neither had faces but their voices boomed loudly and echoed through out the store.

[B]"Elemental Psy, on this day you have betrayed myself, Shadow and the entire Elemental Circle of Life."[/B] the gold spirit said in a monotone voice. The old man rolled his eyes.

[B]"You guys and that stupid circle."[/B] the outline of a purple glowing eye appeared above and in between the old mans human eyes. This was the all seeing eye of the elemental spirit Psy. [B]"In the human world we can change things for the benefit of ourselves! We can be Gods among lowlifes!"[/B] The two coloured spirits ignored him completely. The dark one continued speaking from where the first left off.

[B]"By enslaving future prophesied Elementals of Light and Shadow you have abused the powers your were blessed with the day Earth was created and are forever banned from the Spirit realm. I don't know how you weaseled your way into a human body here but you should know I'm taking this act against the Circle more personal than the others and I will have my revenge."[/B] The old man laughed in reply.
"You two just don't get it, do you? There's a new Elemental God in town and he's ten times as strong as you're precious Life. You can tell Life that Death is back stronger than ever before and has a personal vendetta against him. And you should meet the one who resurrected him. Chaos is his name."[/B]

[B]"You fool!"[/B] Light yelled showing emotion for the first time. [B]"Chaos is the very evil that is prophesied to be defeated by the Elementals and now you've put that all in jeopardy for your own selfish cause. I pity your pathetic existence, traitor. You will regret the day you betrayed the Circle."[/B] With another flash of white light the two elemental spirits were gone leaving the old man alone, laughing quietly to himself.[/INDENT]

[INDENT][U][B][SIZE="3"]Prologue Part 2[/SIZE][/B][/U]
[B]“Shit,”[/B] Matthew cursed under his breath, panting for all he was worth. Sleeping through his alarm, he had rushed to get ready for school, and just narrowly avoided missing the bus. His stomach rumbled, and he sighed regretfully, wishing he had a chance to eat something before he ran out the door.

It was a rainy, July day, and the streets of Boston were surprisingly empty for this time of the day. Usually on the bus route, Matthew gazed out the window at the packed streets, sidewalks bustling with businessmen, the walkways nearly bursting at the seams. He sighed – the rain had forced everyone off the streets and into their cars, causing one hell of a traffic jam. Rubbing a hand through his blonde hair, he sighed. Well, if I’m going to be late for school anyways, I might as well get a bite to eat. he thought to himself.

Knowing that a McDonalds was just around the corner, he pushed the button beside his seat, indicating that he wanted to get off. The doors opened almost automatically, and he jumped off the trapped bus and into the elements.

The rain was fairly light, but misty enough that he knew that if he stayed out in it too long, he would end up drenched. Throwing his backpack over one shoulder, he dashed to the restaurant, his mouth already watering at the thought of a breakfast sandwich.

When he got the store however, he was shocked to find the doors closed. [B]“Under renovation?! What the hell!”[/B] he cursed, angrily. Rubbing his deep blue eyes with the sleeve of his jacket to get the rain water out, he turned abruptly, but stopped when he heard a man’s voice.

[B]”Spare some change?”[/B]

[B]“Pardon me?”[/B] he asked. He hadn’t seen him at first, but there was a homeless man sitting in an alley beside the closed restaurant. He was wearing tattered clothes, with his grey hair tied back neatly, and long, bushy beard. Normally, Matthew would have searched his wallet for some spare change, but with his stomach rumbling, and the prospect that he would seen be late for school, he was in a bad mood. [B]“No I’m sorry, I don’t have any.”[/B] he replied, curtly.

[B]“But you were just about to go in and buy yourself food…”[/B] the man responded, sounding almost hurt.

[B]”Debit”[/B] Matthew replied, starting to grow annoyed. Who the hell does this guy think he is?
“I see…”[/B] The man said, and stood up. He was short, only coming up to Matthew’s chin, but he seemed strong none the less. [B]“A little bit of kindness wouldn’t kill you, you know…”[/B] he said, in an almost silly voice. Suddenly, a wicked look appeared on his face. [B]“This might though….”[/B]

He began to glow, a purple aura surrounding him. [I]What the hell?![/I] Matthew thought, but he had no time to react. The purple light grew brighter and brighter, until it was all he could see. Then suddenly, things went black.[/INDENT][/FONT]

[INDENT][CENTER]All around the world the former Elemental Spirit Psy played his mind tricks and forced all the soon to be heroes into the spirit realm where he's assured they'll be taken care of. One by one with a mere thought he teleports them to an entirely different world where humans once lived before they were chosen to inhabit Earth.

From the day the Elemental Spirits and the Elemental God Life created Earth every spirit in the entire realm has envied and hated them for it. Unable to escape the Spirit Realm all they could do was watch and loathe the humans.

For the first time real humans, the Chosen Elementals no less, have been forced into the Spirit Realm faced with the unbelievable task of getting back to Earth and surviving the journey there.[/CENTER][/INDENT]
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