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Gaming Ultimate Videogame Team Up


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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]Now before you post, or better yet; Before you close this thread hear me out!

We all think of it. When we're alone playing a favorite game, with our friends nerding out, or even on forums. (You know who you are!) We all sit around and think; 'Who would this person team up with best?'

I, personally, never generally think of who would win in sheer strength. That goes to Alex Mercer of [B]Prototype[/B] fame, and Kratos from [B]God of War[/B].

But who would mesh the best. Two dry humors, two crazy people, or three. Whatever.

It's simple, really. You pick two, or three characters of equal power, or abilities and of the same 'era'/time period, or of the same videogame genre. e.g, Master Chief from [B]Halo[/B] can't team up with Dante from [B]Devil May Cry[/B] because they are neither on the same level of 'power', nor genre or game, but Ryu Hayabusa from [B]Ninja Gaiden[/B] could team up with Ken Ogawa from [B]Ninja Blade[/B], naturally. Sol Badguy from [B]Guilty Gear[/B] with Ryu from [B]Street Fighter[/B], you got the idea.

Then you explain why these characters would mesh, wouldn't mesh, why you think it would be a great team up, or not. As well, you explain the characteristics of your characters, especially if they're niche or less well known than say; Mario. Player-created characters do not count. The disbars the player character from [B]Knights of the Old Republic[/B]! Use your best judgement.

The final rule is that if your character has a videogame, he/she counts. Naruto, Bleach-dude, Guy-From-Fullmetal Alchemist, naked chick from Ghost In The Shell, so on so forth. Restrictions apply as normal.

My team-up.

Kain from the [B]Legacy of Kain[/B] series, and Geralt from [B]The Witcher[/B]

Kain, an arrogantly wise, cunning vampire who sought his own ambitions throughout the series, until a sudden shift. He is brutal and ruthless and behind his apparent blood lusts a cold and calculating being sits who is always 2 steps in front of his opponents, or opposition even if it seems as though he is at a loss.
With being a vampire comes traits of a vampire, obviously. Super human strength, speed, agility. He also has the ability to use the moisture in the air to become mist, and thus invulnerable to attacks. He is immune to sunlight, but is slightly weakened. Water is acidic to the touch if submerged while rain stings. Essentially, he has many of the strengths and few of the weaknesses.

Geralt is a witcher, or genetically modified human who can cast magic and has beyond human abilities. Heightened strenth, speed and a master of combat. Witchers hunt monsters for money, whether it be a striga, or a cockatrice, or even a golem of a sort.
Geralt of Rivia, as he is called, is a dry man. Having seen plenty of combat, and even evil he has grown less attached to the world. Though he does have some very close friends and those he cares about even if he's always on the move. He, like Kain above him, has a witty mind and calculating personality at times. He doesn't have a problem taking a life if it serves his purpose, or if that person so deserved it.

These two would make a great team up against some kind of bitter evil for the fact that they are both very handy with a sword, would have wits and personalities that played off of each other and would likely have some ulterior motive involved. For Geralt it would likely be the destruction of the evil to rid the land of it, and for Kain it may be for a secret tome of knowledge that would give him that much more power.
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I don't think [b] Sol Badguy[/b] would mesh with [b] Ryu[/b] because Sol is more of an anti-hero character. They do share the same qualities of both being vagrant wanderers, but Sol has an objective of destroying all of the Gears and the one who created them (which is kind of ironic, seeing as he is a Gear and he helped with that project). Ryu's objective, if you can call it that, is to be the best fighter he can be and learn the meaning of life through battle. So, while they are both powerful, Sol's personality traits and Ryu's wouldn't mesh too well.

My team?

[B]Noel Vermillion[/B] from [B][u]BlazBlue[/u][/b] and[B] Cammy White[/b] from [B][U]Street Fighter[/U][/B]. Both characters suffer from amnesia and were both part of an evil organization's plan for bio-weapons. They are both relatively good looking (although I'd prefer Noel over Cammy) and are deadly fighters. They seem like they could be a good unit, given their talents. Although gun-wielding Noel probably would fell more opponents than up-close fighting Cammy.[/FONT]
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