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(first of all i hope this kind of thread is alloud. sorry if it isn't)

Ok, i am in a cosplay called behind the looking glass productions. We need a logo and I figured this would be awesome as a contest. What we need is something that is alice in wonderland based. We also need it to say BTLG somewhere. So have fun with this. We will take as many as we can on here untill the due date is up so have fun. We will be hosting this contest elsewhere to so the first three winners will go into the finals. The Cosplay group BTLG will be the judges.

Also you must be aware that we will be using it as a logo on things such as our photo's on deviant art and our videos on youtube. We also plan to make jackets and shirts. We will most likely upoload it to our deviant art but link it to you and tell people that you created it.

1. 2 requests that can be anything pg rated.
2. 2 requests that are of characters that already exist.
3. 1 request of characters that already exist.

Finish Date; 26 of August 2009
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