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Gaming Magnacarta 2: How do u do alex o.0'


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ok im seriously stuck here and i really need help T.T

Ok i dunno if any1 here plays this game but its Magnacarta 2 for the xbox, it was released about 2-3 weeks ago and i got it. So far ive got onto disk 2 and ive just done Raud boss and now im stuck on Alex >> I really need some hints and i dunno where else to ask cauz ive already tried gaming site forums and the best advice i found was ur...not very good >>

Well basicaly heres my situation, I have lvl 65 Juto (1-H sword), 65 crocell (fireball) and 65 celestine (aroma) they all have their full skill maps. I have juto with +50% hp kamond and the rest are hp, attk and def + kamonds, crocell has -1kan for skills, spirit, kan and agility kamonds and the same with celectine, thats my formation. The problem is Juto has 9999 (max) hp and fairly high def but alex does 1k dmg per hit and does 3-5 hits simultaniously on him >> its even more painful when he aims for my healer and im left standing there spamming her with heal pots Sad and i just find it quite hard bc as soon as he kills even one of my party members in screwed >> hes got an anoying skill which knocks ppl in a certian area back meaning they cant attk. Ive tried chain breaks but its hard when he keeps doing that, oh ya and his stun is bloody anoying too.

So if theres any ppl who know how to kill this guy plz help >> the only other option i have is to grind on the very few mobs there is between the save point and him (the good thing is they respawn when u run back and forth)
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