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Gaming Gundam 0081 for PS3... Best Gundam Game Ever?


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So after watching videos on YouTube, getting recommendations from /m/, and being a huge Gundam fan with a love of video games, I decided to bite the bullet and buy Gundam 0081 for the PS3. For those of you that don't know what the game is, let me explain. It's a PS3 exclusive Gundam game from Japan, taking place during the Universal Century series, a couple years after the original series ends. There are a few remnant Zeon soldiers rebelling, and a special Federation team is created to deal with them. You can play as the Federation team, the Zeon remnants (SEIG ZEON!), or later, a Mercenary who can play both sides. After paying 80 dollars for this game online, I was quite nervous about the possibility of my money going to waste. There have been a lot of crappy Gundam games, and quite a few mediocre games as well. Also, I was unfamiliar with how easily it was for an English player to play it. When I got the game, at first I was skeptical, but then I grew to love it. It is arguably the best Gundam game ever. The game plays like a 3rd person shooter, with great controls, and a nice selection of mobile suits. If you're looking for beam-spam suits like Wing Zero and Freedom, or girly pilots like Kira, don't look here. No, these are the good old Universal Century suits, and it's great how accurately they are portrayed. The Zakus take as much damage as you think, and so does an RX-78. The neat thing is, even when fighting an AI suit, the suits are the same. For example, a high powered beam rifle will take out a Zaku II in about two hits, regardless of whether you're using it, or someone else is. You can extend the usefulness of a suit by adding custom parts, like new armor, boosters, targeting systems, ect. You can even add certain parts to change it into a new suit (Zaku II into a Zaku Cannon, or a Zgok into Char's Zgok). The best part is the online play. You can go online, play with people of your own faction, or deathmatch against other people in PvP. If you're looking to get a certain upgrade part or weapon, go online and have some friends help you. Sure, there's a bit of lag when you play with Japanese players, but it's almost nonexistent when you play against people from your area. You can easily find a copy of this game on eBay, and anyone who loves Gundam with a PS3, they should check it out. It makes up for the crappy launch title Gundam game.
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