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Don't you hate it?


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I guess I might as well finish off the title, don't you hate it when you have an account on a site, and then lose the password, but then are unable to get it back because you have changed your E-Mail 5 times since 2007? I sure do.
So in a sense this is more so of a..re-introduction? My old username on this site was GoneWithTheSin back in 2007, if any of you remember me.
For those of you who don't I might as well properly introduce myself. I am a highschool student, hoping to one day be a graphic designer. I work, or volunteer at a wolf reserve(which is a lot of fun I suggest you find one in your area) and I train horses, or maybe the train me, still not sure xD I am also extremely awkward when I try to post threads, as you might have noticed by the random things I type, that really have no main focus. Now to the finishing line..
I am a really easy person to get along with so feel free to introduce yourselves.

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