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Six Nations


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I know rugby's not overly popular in the U S of A, but I was wondering if maybe any members have been watching this years competition? Any thoughts on the games played thus far? What are your highlights/lowlights? What are you looking forwards to?

Personally I've found most of the games a bit uninspired this year, with the exception maybe of Scotland v France a couple of weeks back. Even though they lost, Scotland put in a good effort. I always like to see Scotland do well, because they always do try so hard, but they're just never quite good enough, and they certainly deserve some wins. Ireland I must say have been appalling, having struggled against an Italian team they should easily have beaten, and played like amateurs against the French. Wales is another team I expected more from. They were such hard hitters over the last few years, but their skills seem diminished in 2010. They were destroyed by England, and although they beat Scotland, the scoreline could have been far different. I've nothing really to say about the English side, they're playing much as I expected.

I think the game to watch will be England v Ireland in Twickenham on the 27th.
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