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Writing Stories that fly through my head


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Sometimes I just start writing in notepad, and sometimes, it gives some interesting results ( or so I think )
Please comment if you think it's good, or awful (but please, only useful comment)
Hope you like the story

[COLOR=Navy] Those doors.[/COLOR]
This will be my last message to the world
After this I will be gone
To that dark void, I only just escaped, and yet I already have to go back
Back to that hell

I'll never forget, they took her
Through those doors
I didn't cry, I wonder why, probebly because I was overtaken by rage
Angry because I couldn't do a thing, I was helpless, powerless

But I didn't do anything either, I didn't even try hard enough
I gave up to quickly
I just watched how they took her through those doors, even though I knew what would happen to her.
It happed to everyone who went through those doors, not without any exception

I can still hear her screams at night
I wonder if she's angry at me
Not that I'll ever know it
After all, she went through those doors

But I'm stronger now, I won't give up
I'll fight for as long as necessary.
I wont ever let anyone go through those doors again
I'll go first

I don't think I fight for a noble cause
I fight for myself
I'm only human, and everyone is selfish, no matter what anyone says
All humans are selfish, no matter how generous
Ask anyone to give you his live, bet he won't give it to you right?
And everyone who gives you his live for nothing, is plain stupid, because you should't
You should hold dear to your life, you've only got one
Make the most of it
Or atleast try, I won't forgive anyone who just gives up without trying
But you have my support if you want to do it your way, resulst are the only thing that matter
Though don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything is allowed to get results
But everything that only affects you to get resulst is allowed
If other people are involved, you need their permission

I know that soon I'll be going through those doors.
I'm only 17 though.
But I'm not afraid, I have no regrets
Plus, I always expected that I had to go through those doors one day.

Well I'm off, I hope I can still keep some of the people away from that door
See you on the other side of those doors!

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