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[font=arial]As we all hold our breath in anticipation of the upcoming [b]Nifty Fifty[/b] results, I thought it would be neat to start a thread about some of the cool posts and threads that people make here.

This isn't meant to be a replacement for the NiftyFifty, but rather something that augments it. I know there have been several times over the last few years when I've seen something really funny or thought-provoking and said to myself, "In several months, I must remember to nominate this as Nifty!"

I never (well, rarely) actually remember. I assume that I am not the only person with this problem! [b]Every year, many nifty things go tragically un-nominated.[/b]

And so, a thread.

This is meant to be an ongoing, open thread showcasing the best and brightest of OB. (Whether or not it actually ends up being ongoing, of course, depends on you.)

[list][*]When you see a post that you think is pretty neat, quote it here!
[*]Use the actual "reply" button, so that we have the option of viewing the post's original context.
[*]Add a comment about why it's cool, and why it deserves Not To Be Forgotten. [*]In the interest of integrity, please don't nominate your own posts.[/list]

Funny is good. Thoughtful is good. Creative is good! (Image macros, unless [i]masterfully[/i] utilised, probably shouldn't go here.)

And hey, maybe at the end of the year, we can use this as a reference and fewer nifty things of 2010 will go unrecognised.[/font]

[font=arial]I'll start:

[quote name='James'][font=franklin gothic medium]I don't think freedom of speech really extends to verbally abusing people on a bus, lol. [b]I'm pretty sure the Constitution doesn't have a Jerk Amendment.[/b][/font][/QUOTE]This line by James from the PRP made me literally laugh out loud. (I think it was the respectful capitalisation of "Jerk Amendment" that pushed me over the edge.)

[quote name='SeXy Minatour']Hiya everyone I'm SeXyMinatour! How do you all do? A little about myself, I'm 30000000 years old, I used to protect a maze in greece until Jason and his bloody argonauts beat me.

After he did me in I was quite down on the whole minatour business and started working out quite a bit, until I got so buff I was offered a job as a model for Calvin Klein....if I knew right then that i was to be the new underpants model though I dont know if I would have been so enthusiastic!

I met a great guy called Sam and we clicked right away, we decided to move into a flat together and found one in Bensham in England its a smashing little place, landlord is really cool too he lets us watch anime films on his massive telly.

Anyways me and Sam might be getting a little more serious heres a photo of me and Sam, he took it as a joke when I just walked through the door, hes silly like that lol.

So yeah how is everyone? xxx[/QUOTE]

Sexy Minatour is my new favorite poster.[/font]
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