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Anime Little Mac vs Machanochi Ippo


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Ok first off I'm in a boxing mood. I've been playing Punchout for the Wii and in between my frustrating losses I've been watching [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/hajime-no-ippo/"][COLOR=#0000ff]Hajime no Ippo[/COLOR][/URL]. I've noticed a lot of similarities between the two. I know Punchout has been around sense 1987, and the Hajime no Ippo came out in 2000 but I have this weird feeling that Ippo is based off of Little Mac. Other than the trainer and their hometowns they could be freaking twins....

I'm curious what you guys think of this. I also want to pose the ultimate question. Who wins in a boxing match Ippo or Mac?

Personally I vote for Ippo
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