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RPG It's here! A Sample Chapter from my Fanfiction!


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This is a sample section from *the* major fanfiction I'm writing, currently unnamed. "" 's signify speech, '' 's thoughts.

Some background Information;

Warning, this story will contain mucho spoilers, especially for Evangelion. If you haven't seen it all, and don't want it to be spoiled, do not read.

Gundam Wing/Evangelion Crossover. Macross will eventually make a large appearance. Birdy the Mighty has a little appearance. Birdy fans beware, due to my friends demands and due to my never seeing the anime, her character is likely to be horribly out of character. Ranma 1/2 has made it in as well, though only as some minor comic relief. Can you find their mention here? I will add more as I see fit.

Faction 1: Earth Sphere Alliance; Main earth government. From Gundam Wing. Completely mobile-suitless, after Endless Waltz.

Faction 2: L6 Colony; A remote, rogue colony. Does not wish war, but won't shirk from defending thier land. Controls the Inferno and Appolyon, both advanced suits. Lead by Quarral Daphin

Faction 3:Astar Foundation; The premier faction, and the one that WILL get the most time, I garuntee it.

Lead by Trieze Kushrenada, who survived his Talgeese's destruction through the 'Stanford Paradox' which sent him to the Evangelion Universe, jusst before second impact.

He slowly built up a secret organization, similar to NERV, who's goal was the destruction of the Angels. However, they lacked a pilot for thier ultimate Evangelion, the Epion, which Trieze helped design and was created with similar traits as the Original Epyon.

They found thier pilot in a young boy named Kaworu Nagisa, who had recently escaped NERV. Trieze was initially suspisious, however, through careful observation, he soon learned his true identity and the struggle within. Taking him as his son, he welcomed Kaworu. With the single best pilot he could have on his side, they recreated the Stanford Paraodox (named after the genius who created the Epion and thier command ship, the Relevation) and were sent back to the Gundam Wing universe, where they prepare for the coming of the angels there...

Faction 4:The Star Knights
A raiding group of incredible power and speed. The ships are though and fast, and thier massive mobile fortress is as strong as any suit. Leaded by Lord Jerome.

Faction 5: The angels.

Not really a faction, but they're here, and they're tougher than ever! Several old one, plus some Relevation angels and a few totally new ones will face Kaworu in this epic, as he struggles to protect the people he loves while holding back the most dangerous angel of all; Tabris, the Angel of Free Will.

There's a LOT of unexplained things, such as HOW the L6 became free, what's it like, how'd they get suits, etc. I know that, and I'm working on it. I have friends here I need to keep satisfied, and it's [b]not[/b] easy.

Slowly, steadily, a strange object made it's way towards earth. It's shining surface, composed of several interlocked hexagonal plates, reflected the nearby asteroids clearly, camoflaugeing it's surface with the image rock. It all but dissappeared from view as it moved through the asteroud belt.

When it was noticed, panic set in.

The mere sight of the several dozen meters wide crystal shook the Star Knights into action. Moving the SDF-2 away from it at high speed, thier fleet moved in, preparing to engage it. The forces closed in, readied themselves, and opened fire.


"What in the world is going on!?" Jerome growled, watching as his ships were pummeled by the energy bombardment. Immediatly after the attack began, the crystal - now completely covered in smoke - seemed to perfectly counter every attack sent against it. Jerome watched as the active ships began to dwindle, some retreating from heavy damage, some smordering wrecks.

"Stop the attack! Bring back the ships and order a strategic retreat. Officer DeVir, I want a complete record on everything we have on that thing, from the moment we detected it onward. Have it in my office in thirty minutes, tops." Jerome stood up, and looked at several of his monitors.

"Seven battle ships down, three completely destroyed! One buster craft out of commision!"

None of the officers spoke.

'Whatever it was,' Jerome thought, 'I'm going to figure out what it is. In the meantime...'

"Send a message, broadband. Say that a intruder of unknown origin and type has been found and is currently moving....where IS it moving?"

"It seems to be heading towards earth sir. The last telematry report suggests that it is headed to someplace in the southern hemisphere; possibly Chile, Australia, or Antarctica."

"...You heard him. End Message. Launch several probes to monitor it's progress and run scans. I will be in my office. Alert me if anything unusual happens."

He walked into his office, and was pleased to see the data already waiting. 'Well now. It's time I see what I can do about this thing.'

He stayed up late into the night, pouring over what little data he had, looking for a weakness. With luck, he knew, he'd find one.
'I have too."


Aboard the Relevation, Trieze sat in his private study, drinking a cup of his favorite tea. On his desk were a stack of papers; progress reports for the few spies he had manage to emplace, as well as a few technical manuals and notes on the Epion.

"Mr. Kushrenada, we have recieved a message, broadband. I'm sending it to you."

"Thank you, Collins. If you could summarize the message for me, and give me your thoughts on it?"

"Not alot there, but it says a intruder of unknown origin is heading for the southern earth hemisphere. Unless I'm mistaken, that's probably the angel we've been looking for."

"Excellent, Mr. Collins, those were my thoughts as well. Helm! Plot a course for high earth orbit, at maximum effective speed. Make sure to keep the moon between us and the planet. Mr. Askul will know what to do."

"Yes sir. Bridge out."

Trieze set down the spy report and picked up one of the technical readouts; this one on the Epion's current status. 'A angel. Our first true fight against them, and Kaworu's first combat experience. Can he handle it? Can our crew handle it? They've never really been tested yet... Oh how I miss having Zechs and Lady Une around.'

Keying the intercom for Kaworu's quarters, Trieze called out. "Kaworu? Sorry to disturb you, but we may have found the angel. The Epion is being prepped for launch now."

Kaworu's calm voice came back over the speaker. "I see. I'll get ready."

"Don't worry yourself, Kaworu. I understand you do not have the warriors spirit that I do, so.."

"Mr. Kushrenada, I appreciate the sympathy but I am just as strong willed as you are. I will be fine."

"I'm sorry. I did not mean to insult."

"None taken. It's time I left. Kaworu out."

Trieze swallowed hard. 'Am I pushing too hard, or not enough? I know him better than anyone yet I still know so little.' Steeling himself for the battle to come, Treize stood up and began the walk to his destination; the command room.

Kaworu sat in the Epion's command plug and began the synchronozation sequence. He brought himself up to 100% synchronization before ordering the final launch steps.

"Trieze? I'm ready. Is there any sign of the angel?"

"Not yet....ah, there we go. Our outer port scouts just encountered it and are on thier way. They say you can't miss it. I'm pulling all the scouts in."


"Ten minutes. That should be plenty of time. Launch, and head in to intercept. I'll raise shields and go to battle formation right after your launch. You're on you own out there, remember. I want you back in one piece."

"I'd hate to dissapoint. Eva Launch."

The massive form of the Epion rocketed out of the Relevation's spacious launch bay, and proceded towards the incoming angel. Kaworu took a moment to reflect out in the stars, and he admired thier beauty. "If only human souls were as perfect as these stars." The moment was quickly stolen by a incoming message. Kaworu put it through, keeping his eye on the monitors for the angel.

"Well well. What have we here." A voice came over the speaker. "What're you doing here? Trying to hunt down that invincible intruder that the Star Knights fought?"

Trieze's voice came over from the Relevation. "That is correct. We are hunting the Angel."

"Angel? You call that an angel? What are you, some wierd cultist group?"

"No, we are the Astar Foundation."

"Whatever... My name's Quarral Daphin of the L6 colony. Well, don't bother sticking around, unless you're here to watch. Me and my Inferno are going to handle this, period."

Kaworu's voice came over the speaker, tinged with a hint of worry. "I wouldn't if I were you. You don't know what you're going up against. We've fought seventeen already."

Trieze looked at the screen which showed the view of Kaworu's Entry plug. Kaworu didn't look strained. 'Kaworu? Bluffing? I never would have thought he'd do that.' he looked back to the status screens and frowned. 'On the other hand, things are going to get very difficult very soon.'

"Mr. Daphin, we do not have the time for a arguement. Warrior to warrior, I propose a alliance during the fight; I believe we both may need it."

Kaworu raised an eyebrow, but nodded.

"Work with a bunch of cultists with a wierd suit? Life just keeps getting stranger. Alright, it can't hurt I suppose." The Inferno decloaked next to the Epion. "No angel's going to stop me!"

Quarral laughed. "Yeah, I'm sure. A group of nobodys with a wierd suit, taking out seventeen of these seemingly invincible enemys?

"Fine." Kaworu's voice cut in. The blue blinking dot that signified an angel had just appeared on the screen. "We've found it. It's definitely a pattern Blue."
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"Whatever that means." The Inferno rocketed forward on it's thrusters, and Kaworu rapidly followed suit.

The two mobile suits neared the Angel, thier forms clearly visible off of the Angel's perfectly reflective plates.

"What the hell is that?! The angel's inside that thing?"

"Nope. That is the angel."


As they got closer, the two pilots noted with alarm that the angel was moving. The armor plates broke off from the multifaceted surface and moved out, revealing the glowing red core. Without warning, the shiny plates hurled themselves forward, cutting into the two flat-footed defenders.

"Jeezus! Angel's don't look like this!"

"Now is not the time for a discussion." Kaworu stated, as he dodged the rapidly moving plates. "We have to destroy the core, and fast."

"That big red thing?"


"Right then! This'll be a piece of cake." He spread the suits hands, exposing the hidden buster cannons embeded within. "Try THIS!"

Quarral realized something was amiss when the angel's hexagonal panels remained intact. He also found it unusual that the buster shot was now moving in the opposite direction. "Oh, shi.."

The Inferno was blow backwards by the buster blast, it's armor smoking. The panels continued thier relentless assault, slashing at the armor. The Neo-titanium alloy held together well, but slowly it began to weaken. "Mattaku no baka!"

Kaworu, meanwhile, charged the pogressive sword and shot towards the core. He extended his sword arm, intent on ending the menace there. However, the angel had other plans. Before he could react, it brought the armor plates back in, shielding the core, with only a few cracks on the struck panel showing it had been touched at all. "I had warned you of the danger earlier."

"What the hell is this thing MADE of! I am so getting sick of this thing."

"Switch to close combat. It seems able to deflect all energy weapons back, as well as deflect all projectiles."

"Rrrg!" Quarral sent a panel flying away with a swipe of his sword. "Would you stop being a know it all!" Quarral fliped a switch. With a surge of power to the eyes, the Inferno launched forward in a enhanced fury. With shocking speed and mobility, he began dodging between the numerous armor plates and stabing at the core. The angel's movement's too quickened, but it appeared now completely defensive. Quarral's only comment was a low chuckle.

"We've got it now!" Quarral continued his relentless assault of the core, grinning all the while.

Trieze frowned as he watched the movements of the Inferno. 'So. It wasn't destroyed after all,' he thought.

Kaworu took a few seconds to rest. 'Why am I holding back? I can do better than this...

"Mr. Nagisa! Quarral! I'm detecting and energy buildu-"

Quarral's eys widened as he once again found himself on the business end of the angel's attacks. The core glowed a bright red, surrounded in a bright aura, before directing it into a beam right in front of Inferno. It flew backwards under the strain, with the reflective blades rights behind.

Kaworu flew into motion as he charged in front of the blades. He swiped his sword, again and again, deflecting what few panels he could while taking the rest. Fireworks went off in Kaworu's mind when he felt one of the plates slice into the Eva's leg, cutting deep in. He bit his lip, tasted blood. So quickly the odds had turned!

Left, right, back, left, up, flip, deflect, down; Kaworu's motions were a blur as he fought back the pain from the wound to dodge the shiny blades. His voice strained, he called out. "Treize..."

Aboard the Relevation, the crew watched in horrid anticipation. The whole crew was transfixed by the struggle, but a few managed to tear thier eyes away from the drama and work. Treize was one such person. "Synch Ratio at one hundred ten, one hundred twenty, one hundred thirty... he's still rising!"

Back at the battle field, Quarral had regained his bearings and was in the fray again, furiously attacking the angel. This time however, he concentrated on the incoming plates. "Ya hah!" He cried, as his sword cracked one in half after much pummeling.
"You will *die*!"

Over the speaker, another voice, female, and very urgent, called at the two fighting troops. "Quarral! I did some scans, and I found that that the soul shield it produces..."

'Soul shield? Do they actually know about the A.T. Field?' Trieze wondered to himself.

"...dissappears when it's firing that laser!"

"That helps us HOW, Birdy?" Quarral asked, who was fighting back a group of four shields who had decided to attack from akward angles and cut him up.

"I don't know that yet! I'm working on it!"

Inside the Epion's entry plug, Kaworu began to pant. The sheer stress of controlling the machine, coupled with the intense pain from the strikes, was beginning to take it's toll on him. He began to feel a strange buzzing pressure on his mind, one he hadn't felt since the fateful battle at Central Dogma, where Nerv had faced what they had thought was the 17th, and last, angel.

[i]...stop...don't fight....don't.... to...hurt.[/i]

Kaworu's heart leapt to his throat, but he shoved the voice aside and forced himself to stay focused and in control. Whiping out the whip-like heat rod, he began swating at the attackers, trying to hold them at bay. A single shield stopped, unable to move anymore, it's surface badly scarred.

"Hold in there, you two! You can do this!" Birdy's stressed voice came over the speakers. "Whoever you are that's in charge! Figure something out!"

"I'm already trying, ma'am." Mentally, Trieze vowed to definitely make a search for Une and Zechs once the battle was won. Oh, yes, definitely.

"Don't ma'am me!"

Kaworu strained, and pushed his limits higher. "It's a risk, but one I must afford." he thought, as he began falling more and more into himself. The pressure grew in his mind, but he pushed forward anyway.

"Kaworu! Don't overexert yourself." Treize insisted. The monitor clearly showed Kaworu's Synch Ratio at 225 and slowly rising; well above the safe limit of 100% he had imposed.

Quarral continued to dance around the core, slicing at it whenever he could, and continued to dance out of the way of the panels. Both moved like quicksilver through the mass, dodging most and lessening the rest of the strikes.

As the battle progressed, the combatants slowly came around the horizon of the moon. Alarmed sattelite operators and goverment officials immetiatly caused a tremor through the infrastructure, as groups struggled to make sense of the fight.

Kaworu noticed none of this. His senses, stretched farther than humanly possible, began to note the subtle shift of energies that flowed through the air. He felt the Angel's energy growing, reaching a peak.


The cherry red beam cut through the air again just as the Inferno ducked to the side, causing it to miss it's intended target.

"There." He thought. "I can feel it. I can feel the angel's power... "

Another blast rang out. 'They're getting faster., and more accurate,' Trieze noted. He watched in facination as the blast ricoched of one of the panels back towards the Epion, which narrowly sidestepped it. 'Hm...perhaps something can be done with this...'

"Okay, you two, I have a plan, but it will require perfect timing. Here is what you do..."
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On earth, in the office of Relena Darlian's office, things were chaos. Relena practically flew through her office, taking and answering calls with the grace and ease which befitted her station.

"Yes, sir, I had thought all Mobile suits were destroyed as well. No, I have no information concerning any hidden projects. No, I do not know what the two seem to be fighting is. I'm sorry, I don't know the answer for that. I assure you, the Earth Sphere alliance has nothing to do with the battle."

Inwardly, Relena was seething. This would be front page news for weeks, and there would likely be no end of trouble from this. Entirely against her beliefs, she wanted to strangle whoever was in charge of that fight. 'Boy, I hope that they aren't hostile.'

Heero Yuy, now Heero Darlian, zipped in the room. "What's going on? I heard that there's some sort of battle up in orbit."

"You heard right," Relena agreed, shutting off the phones in frustration. "Two mobile suits, each of COMPLETELY unknown design are in orbit, fighting some strange crystal with reflective panels.

Heero frowned, and turned on the room's viewer. He picked up the phone in determination, and turned it back on. "Yes, we want a full view of the battle here. Best the goverment's got. Excuse me, I'm Heero Darlian, I DO have access to that information, now put it through. Thank you."

On the screen, the battle view appeared. Both Darlians looked at the screen, watching the battle with both interest and repressed anger.


"Master Quatre! There's a battle taking place on earth!" Rasid Kurama called via telephone. "There's GUNDAMS!"

"WHAT! Oh, no!" Quatre stood shocked. 'This can't happen again! We've worked too hard for another war!'

"Hurry, find a viewer!"


"DUO! WAKE UP!" Hilde yelled in annoyance. "Stop sleeping!"

Duo jumped awake and fell uncerimoniously off the couch. "What was the number of that bus?"

"Look!" Hilde pointed a finger at the screen. Duo nearly fell down again in suprise, though the fact that he was already on the ground stopped him. 'GUNDAMS?!'


"Now, take deep breaths. Let you thoughts and your cares leave with it, and begin to feel the universe around you...."

A few minutes later, the class over, Chang Wu Fei watched his pupils leave.


One of his more experienced students ran in. "Forgive intrusion, Teacher, but there is battle on earth! A great battle, in orbit. Mobile suits!"

Chang nodded. "Thank you, Xian Pu. Please inform Khu Lon that she is to take over the class untill I return. You will be assistance instructor."

"You're leaving?"

"Yes. I have a job to do."


"Alert!" loudspeakers blared in the circus tent. Trowa swore under his breath. "Just RUIN the show. We don't mind."

"There has been confirmation of a battle taking place above Earth! Two mobile suits have been seen!"

"What!" Trowa DID swear this time, as he rushed out of the tent, followed closely by Catherine Bloom.

'I hoped this'd never happen again...."


"So. Even with all our efforts, something this big still got through our net." Zechs Merquise looked at the screen, his eyes narrowed. "Makes everything seem like a waste of time, doesn't it."

"We can't be sure, Zechs." Lucrezia looked at the battle with sad eyes. "I had thought it was over."

"It was. But something, or someone, managed to get through the Preventer net. And got through without even a trace. I can't think of anyone who'd be capable of that. I doubt even Heero or I could."

"But then who could it be?"

"We'll know soon enough. Turn the ship around. We're going back." 'I have to protect Relena.'



Mariemaia Kushrenada felt a chill go through her. So this is what is felt like, she reasoned, for the people after she had declared she was going to take over earth. 'A horrible feeling...how could I ever have made such a mistake? Oh, father. Why did you die...." Tears began to run down her face as she remembered the fateful day fourteen years ago...

Throughout the solar system, people watched as the drama over earth progressed. Saw the Relevation come from the other side of the moon, as the waltz came to a dramatic conclusion...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Alexander [/i]
[B]Yahoo! Thanks Final Flash! And yeah, I gind of lost it there. One of my weak spots is when my work gets ignored....sigh. [/B][/QUOTE]

Heh heh, don't sweat it. Remember, half the people here don't like to read anything that's not a 50-word-long picture book... [i]Whoops, did I just say that out loud?[/i] :p
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