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Zesty Orange

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I'm running out of anime to watch...
Do you guys know an anime with:

[list=1][*]Bishounen (Pretty / Girly-looking guy)[*]A guy with hidden powers / identity[*]No annoying harems[*]Not so much romance[/list]

Already watched which fit in the criteria (And I definitely recommend):

[list][*]Code Geass[*]Chrome Shelled Regios[*]Nurarihyon no Mago[*]Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu[*]Kyo Kara Maoh[*]07 - Ghost[*]Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro[*]Vampire Knight[/list]

Thank you very much! :3
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[quote name='Zesty Orange' timestamp='1306839764' post='707702']
[list=1][*]Bishounen (Pretty / Girly-looking guy)[*]A guy with hidden powers / identity[*]No annoying harems[*]Not so much romance[/quote][/list]

oh wow I'm glad to know someone else has seen chrome shelled regios and yes that does have a bunch 'a hot men in it xD I cosplayed shanti from that series 2 years ago :O

ok getting back on topic I might be your girl for this :D starry sky has some pretty hawt guys in it downside is that the episodes are probably 11 or 12 min long but theres 25 episodes so I guess that kinda evens things out. I'm surprised you haven't seen rorouni kenshin :o that has alot 'a cuties in it too and taking place in the past is always interesting. On the topic of ancient history why don't you check out hakuouki while your at it ;p I was gonna say neo angelique abyss but thats got that kinda reverse harem so I don't know if you'll like it but you DO have kyou kara maou listed so I don't know what to think there. Togainu no chi is also good but if you play the game then you might not appriciate the anime xD Oh you also might like saint beast and D gray man too.

Gah I keep thinking of more every single time I put the entry through and keep having to edit it, oh well start off wit those for now so my throbbing head can rest a little xD

so thats starry sky, rorouni kenshin, hakuouki, neo angelique abyss, togainu no chi, saint beast, and d gray man. Edited by fujyoshi
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