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DC Comics The New 52


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So far, there has been a matter of controversy, regarding DC Comics' New 52 plan, which involves an attempt to revamp the image of the DC Universe for the modern readers while considering launching some new series, relaunching some already-established ones, and ending some already-established ones so as to have 52 titles running on an ongoing regular basis after August 2011. As a DC Comcis, fan, I feel the New 52 strategy is what the "DC Universe" franchise needs to boost things up in terms of appeal to a wide mainstream reading audience within North America, especially in a time when it seems like the Canadian and American comic book industries are suffering from a decline in commercial sales. However, I have my positive and negative thoughts about DC The New 52.

So far, I actually like the redesigns for some DC Universe characters, including Bruce Wayne/Batman (who will look more of a high-tech soldier and knight hybrid), Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (now trying a new metallic coloring while maintaining a 21st century warrior woman costume style), and Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Agent 2814.1 (taking up a futuristic fashion style while maintaining his trademark colors). The costumes I am not happy with are Superman's and Barry Allen's. I mean, what's with Supes wearing an armor when he's suppose to be the man of steel and why is Barry Allen wearing Wally West's trademark belt look?

As for storytelling, it saddens me that Dick Grayson is no longer Batman after only about 2 years (in real time that is) carrying on the mantle with Stephanie Brown no longer maintaining the mantle of Batgirl. Plus, I now concern about the Justice Society's position in the revamping of the DC universe as no official word about ahas been made. Despite my negative thoughts, I still will still remain a fan of the "DC Universe" franchise.

For all you fanboys and fangirls out there, you are welcome to share your thoughts about the upcoming revamp.
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