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ABJD - Any doll owners on this forum?


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[quote name='Mr. Maul' timestamp='1315849623' post='709418']
[color="#696969"][size="1"][font="Verdana"]I am the proud owner of 14 dolls.


Wow! I'd love to see them. i was starting to think no one even knew what I was talking about!
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[color="#696969"][size="1"][font="Verdana"]Here is just part of my collection:


I'm embarrassed to post pictures of the rest of my dolls because they don't have any hats. I make all of my dolls' hats and outfits myself (by hand), and I'm really proud of my craftsmanship.



My pride and joy:


Picked that one up in a little shop during my visit to Sendai last year. The detail was too exquisite to pass it up.

I am very eager to see your collection, as well.

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