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The New Ultimate Spider-Man


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Here's a forum thread where you can discuss your thoughts so far about Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man of Earth-1610 (also known as the "Ultimate Marvel Universe" and the "Ultimate Comics Universe"). For those of you disappointed about the demise of Ultimate Marvel's Peter Parker in the comics, at least be happy that Ultimate Marvel isn't the mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616), whose Peter Parker is still not only alive and well, but also continuing his adventures as Spider-Man.

Although I don't usually read Ultimate Marvel titles because I normally read what takes place in Earth-616, I had the chance to purchase a copy of "Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man" Vol. 2 No. 1 last week, and I find its plot is a nice start to explain the superhero origins of this new Marvel Comics character, so I look forward to picking up the next issue. If DC Comics can pull it off in featuring an African counterpart to Bruce Wayne in the pages of "Batman Incorporated", Marvel Comics should be able to pull it off with a black-hispanic wearing a Spidey suit. Well, that's my opinion. Anyway, more stories about Miles Morales are on the way.
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