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Gaming help in FFIX

Guest Steiner

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To upgrade your chocobo, you just need to keep digging up chocographs and finding them. Certain chocographs release mist and your choco passes out and is taken to the fat chocobo where he upgrades u. Your first upgrade is to light blue, then you can go dig at the chocobo lagoon, south of the forgotton continent. Just keep digging and finding those chocographs.
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Dead Peppers are for the hidden treasures you find after all the chocograph treasures have been found. You will find them in the lagoon and air garden. You can get 99 if you get all chocographs and go to paradise at the top left map cormer. You really need at least the Cid class airship to acheive this.

Sorry, meant Hilda Garde. Just been playing 7 recently (safer Sephiroth with one move, much quicker than my first time I LOVE KOTR!)

[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]combined and deleted your posts--kuja[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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You don't need to have all the chocographs, once you get a red chocobo dead peppers will become available. They cause chocobos to start pecking the ground like mad if they're on land, dive deep if they're in water, or shoot straight up high if they're flying. You don't need them to find any chocograph chests, but at certain points in the world if u use a dead pepper you'll hit a treasure chest, or open up the way to chocobo paradise (mognet needs a dead pepper to open I believe. Just look for cracks in mountains or bubbling in an ocean and it's most likely a dead pepper location.
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you should be able to get all of the chocobos very easy.. just time consuming.. i would suggest digging up all of the chocographs.. (if you dont need the items .. you can always sell them :))

colors go from yellow-> blue-> red-> darkblue-> gold

yellow is your basic chcocobo

blue can go onto reefs and shallow waters

red can climb mountains

darkblue can travle over all water

gold can fly (can only take off and land in forests though)

might i add that once you get a red chocobo it can still do the blue chocobo's skills

and darkblue can do red's and blue's

and gold can do all

i would dig up all of the chocographs at choco forest before you go out and dig..

one should turn your choco blue,

take whichever vehicle you have out west of lindblum(sp?) and you should find a island with some choco tracks, land there and call your chocobo.. walk around some islands and you should be able to reach the island with a cavern on the side, enter and dig up more chocographs.. (at chocobo's lagoon.. when you first get there if your beak isn't a very high level.. you will have a hard time) the blue chocobo is kinda slow.. so i would first go into your options and change them so that you are always in run mode..

after you get all the chcocographs there.. you can go out and dig em up..

then one of them should turn your chocobo red..

go back to chocobo forest and you will have more land to cover and be able to dig up more chocographs..

eventually you will get dark blue.. then go back to chocobo lagoon.. then after you get all the chocographs there.. you can go dig em up.. then you will get gold.. x_x with the dead peppers you dug up.. (you will) .. you start to fly.. then go find a little shadow.. the shadow is tiny.. so keep an eye out.. feed choco a dead pepper and he will zoom up to the chocobo air garden! :) for the best and final chocographs

.. btw once you get the gold chocobo you can get to chocobo paradise.. which is that little island way up in the top left corner of the map.. you have to get there via gold chocobo.. the chocobo next to the chubby chocobo will give you 99 dead peppers if you talk to him :)
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